Lamar Odom Can’t Recognise Family And Friends According To Reports

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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom might be reportedly making progress but if TMZ is being serious then that progress is extremely slow.

According to the popular American site, the ex NBA star is “having a tough time with communication and mobility” and can barely recognize family and old friends.

Last month, Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada and since then has been hospitalized. His ex wife Khloe Kardashian raced to his side at the time and even had her famous family’s support.

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However, after a clip of the reality star’s interview on Ellen Degeneres’ show went viral hours ago, a lot of fans realized Lamar might be out of a coma and a life threatening situation but his recovery is not there yet.

And with this new development from TMZ, it seems it is even worse than we thought.

According to Khloe on Ellen;

He’s really confused a lot, we have to remind him… sometimes he knows who the President is or his birthday and other times he thinks he is 26…

If this does not reveal how terrible the situation is, I guess nothing else will.

TMZ is saying the Doctors fear he might have brain damage and there might be worse complications from the Nevada incident.

Poor Lamar.




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