#Ladies Only: Four Things You Do That Makes Your Hair Fall Off

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Well, major concerns for women regarding their hair relates to falling and breaking hair. This is a huge albatross for women, considering that hair is a major beautifying element for their physical appearance. It is however important to note that there is “normal hair loss” which occurs when women comb their hair on a day to day basis.

The American Academy of Dermatology says that an average adult woman would lose between 50 to 120 strands of hair on a daily basis and if you fall within this category, there’s nothing to worry about as this is completely normal.
Having stated that, if you’re sure you’re losing more than the normal amount of hair each day, you might want to consider a change in your lifestyle and the way you take care of your hair. There are common habits that may facilitate hair loss. Stay off these four things and watch your hair grow.

You Don’t Eat Well
A lot of people don’t know that the human hair is about 95 percent protein. The scalp secretes sebum, a fatty fluid that lubricates and protects the scalp. Foods that are rich in protein such as eggs, fish and beans and other hair growth nutrients such as Vitamin B complexes, iron and omega-3 fats are important in producing sebum which protects the scalp. You can also try using vitamins and nutritional supplements which facilitate hair growth.

Wearing Tight Hairstyles
Certain ways in which you wear your hair may be a major contributory factor to your hair loss. Wearing tight braids, ponytails, hair extensions and buns have a major impact on hair loss. Even though these hairstyles are easy to maintain and look very cute, they tend to put a lot of pressure on your hair follicles. This pressure makes your hair easily pull off from the scalp and results in hair loss or alopecia. It is also important to note that if you constantly wear tight hairstyles, you may develop permanent hair loss. As such, if you’re the type that enjoys wearing tight and protective hairstyles, try to tell your stylist not to make them too tight. More so, you can rotate the styles you make between lose and tight styles so as not to put too much stress on your scalp.


Show Your Hair Love
It is important to know that your scalp is skin that covers your head. While it’s important to take care of your skin, the scalp should also be considered. Wash your hair regularly and avoid using soaps or creams that irritate the scalp. Certain creams that cause dandruff and dermatitis may result in hair loss. Such should be avoided. When the scalp is healthy, the hair is healthy. As such, wash your hair regularly and treat your scalp with gentle massages from time to time.

Using Heat And Chemical Treatments
When you use heat styling and certain chemicals such as relaxers on your hair often, they can damage your hair shaft which may cause hair breakage. Heat and chemicals also out stress on your hair follicles which cause hair loss. If you’re losing a lot of hair, you may want to cut back on using straighteners, blow dryers, hair dyes and relaxers. You can instead wear your hair naturally which would give your hair an opportunity to grow longer.

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