#Ladies Only: Five Things You Should Stop Doing To Avoid Saggy Boobs

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The bad news you may find difficult to accept is that no matter how firm your boobs are now, they are bound to sag with time. Women are subjected to certain things in nature that may accelerate the sagging of their breasts. These things include giving birth to a child, breastfeeding children and getting older. These factors in one way or the other contribute to the reduction in elasticity of the connective tissues (collagen) which makes the breasts take on a deflated appearance. Furthermore, saggy boobs may be as a result of heredity as chances are if a woman has a mother who had saggy boobs, she’d probably have same too.

Irrespective of this however, certain behaviours may cause your boobs to sag faster and avoiding these things are a sure way to have firmer boobs. According to a research conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles found out that the tissues which make up the breasts tend to age 3 years faster than other tissues of the body. Avoiding certain things may help slow down and avoid things that can make your boobs become saggy.

Watch Your Fluctuating Weight
A change in your weight through dieting can have an effect on how saggy your boobs become. Experts say a change between 5 to 15 kilograms can have significant effect on the appearance of your boobs. A loss or gain in weight affects the breast tissues by making them slack. As such, if you intend to lose or gain weight, do so appropriately without any accompanying crash diet.

Vigorous Workouts
Not much research exists on the relationship between engaging in vigorous Workouts and saggy boobs but certain experts believe that the repetitive back-and-forth motions common with exercises can facilitate the breakdown of breast collagen. It is however important to exercise sparingly and not overdo any workout procedures particularly those that have to do with the chest muscles.

Not Using Sunscreens
This particularly relates to women that enjoy putting on bikinis in hot weather either at the pool or the beach. Exposing Your skin to ultraviolet rays without using any form of sunscreen may cause your skin to develop premature wrinkles. The collagen which makes up the skin covering your breasts tend to stretch out when exposed to ultraviolet rays resulting in saggy boobs and damaged skin.

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We all have heard of the effect of smoking on lungs but even boobs can’t escape the damaging effects of tobacco. Smoking very little amounts of cigarettes tends to weaken the skin while also decreasing the amount of blood that gets supplied to the surface of the skin. This makes the skin covering the boobs wrinkled and appear saggy.

Using Bras That Offer Little Support
Bras that offer little support are a major cause of saggy breasts. Bras that are not firm and allow your boobs free movement tend to stretch your collagen and breast skin. The ideal thing is to get a bra that fits your shape and holds your breasts firmly.

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