#Ladies Only: Five Signs You’re Dating A Future Forbes List Guy

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Well, we all know money is not every thing and one would be foolish to entirely base a relationship on whether your boyfriend is on the forbes list or not. There are other things that make a relationship including trust, love and understanding but money is nonetheless important. The truth is we all can do with a little extra cash and having a rich man to provide that is way more preferable. As such, here are five signs you can pick from your struggling boyfriend that shows you should stay and wear it out with him to enjoy the life of a forbes person in the future.

People Like Him A Lot

If your man is well loved generally by people he knows and those he meets, he probably has a chance of making it to the forbes list. The reason for this is that the higher the number of people a likable man gets to meet, the higher the chance of being introduced to a profitable business venture by the people he meets. More so, because he is well liked by people generally, chances are the potential investors would trust him well enough to give him a chance to pursue his dreams. Moreover, the fact that he has a large pool of people that love him can help to provide a safe net in case things go away when he takes risks in a business venture. You may want to consider tolerating his annoying and wild friends as they most likely would have an effect on how things turn out for him in the future.

He Exudes Confidence

The truth is confident people have a better chance of getting rich despite the fact that people see them as arrogant and cocky. Their confidence should not be mistaken for being better than everyone else but as having the will to overcome whatever challenges they may face in life. Stick with him and encourage him to build his confidence more.

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He Has Tall Dreams

If we take a look at the Forbes list, starting from people in the corporate world to those in entertainment, you will discover that most have some things in common. From Bill Gates, Carlos Slim to Dr Dre and Jay Z, you will discover that they all had tall dreams which they pursued to fruition. Think of all of the super wealthy people you know. Bill Gates. The hard truth is it is difficult to find someone that becomes rich doing an 8 to 5 job and if you do find out that your man has interesting ideas that branch away from the conventional, he may just be one for the future. Stick by him and help him build those dreams.

He Is Extremely Hard-Working

This is perhaps one of the most important features that every self-made rich fellow possesses. If you’re dating a man that is willing to work very hard in his chosen endeavour, mostly spending his day and nights hustling out his dreams, you may just have hit the jackpot. More so, don’t berate him for not giving you enough time and attention while he puts his dreams to work, instead be patient with him and it will probably be worth it in a couple of years.

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He Spends And Invests Wisely

Not everybody can be financially responsible from the onset as people get to grow into it. As such, if you have a guy that’s a spendthrift now, you may want to give him sometime. The truth however is that it is important your man knows the value of saving for the future. You may want to study the way he spends when he obtains his salary or a huge windfall he wasn’t expecting. Does he spend or on frivolities or save a little for the future? If he saves a little for the rainy day from the little he earns now, you can expect he’d be financially responsible with more money in the future.
One thing is that these five signs do not completely indicate whether your man would become rich or not, but there’s a chance that things may turn out good if he has these attributes.

It is however important not to just be on the lookout for a rich guy only without some other important attributes. A guy that is nice enough may do as he may become wealthy after meeting you.

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