Kim Kardashian: Is The Reality Star’s Pregnancy Rant Getting Too Much?

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Kim Kardashian might be taking her pregnancy rants a bit too far.

If you are a fan of Kim Kardashian West or if you pay attention to anything Kardashian related, you would know that Kim does not seem to be one of those women who enjoy being pregnant.

Some months back, Kim revealed how badly she wanted a baby and how hard she was trying with her famous husband Kanye West.

The mother of one even went ahead to document this period of her life for the Keeping Up With The Kardashian cameras and so when she announced she was finally pregnant, everyone was happy she got what she seemingly wanted.

Except, Kimmy has complained quite a number of times since she got pregnant with her second baby who is due next month (December).

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She has revealed via her website how “gross” it is and how it is the worst experience of her life. And while a number of mothers might relate with her, it came as quite uncomfortable to hear because she put so much work and effort into becoming a mom again.

And now, the Star has taken to Twitter to reveal to her millions of followers that she’s gained so much during this pregnancy and reveals how long she still has to wait.


While we may try to understand why the star is complaining, we just wonder if it is getting a bit too much?




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  1. Maybe yes, maybe no. I complained a lot too when I was preggo. It’s just that not the whole world knew about it, Im not famous. 🙂 I won’t be complaining much this time. LOL. Still waiting for my free conceiveeasy PT to have two lines.

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