Karim Benzema’s Role In Mathieu Valbuena’s Sextape Blackmail Revealed

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Karim Benzema faces jail time

Karim Benzema implicated in Mathieu Valbuena scandal

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has revealed his role in the sextape blackmail of France teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

Karim Benzema implicated in Mathieu Valbuena scandal
Karim Benzema implicated in Mathieu Valbuena scandal

A friend of Benzema’s, Karim Zenati, had been one of the blackmailers, and had asked the Real Madrid attacker to ask an intermediary.

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A conversation between Benzema and Zenati was tapped by police, in which Benzema reports his conversation with Valbuena back to Zenati.

Benzema has now admitted that he did indeed play the part, telling the police he had no evil intentions.

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“I had to mediate and I acted as the go-between between Valbuena and Zenati. I am embarrassed for my friend Zenati, because when he was released from prison, and even when he was in jail, I took care of him. We are very close.

“I had a conversation with Zenati on the way to approach the subject with Mathieu Valbuena. The fact that Karim Zenati gained something out of all of this wasn’t my intention. I am shocked. Zenati is a very decent person and is someone I trust.”



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