“I did a Kim Kardashian. Thank God it wasn’t with my ass” – Adele

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In an interview with etalk.ca, Adele said “I did a Kim Kardashian. Thank god it wasn’t with my ass”.

This is in reference to Kim Kardashian’s nude Paper Magazine cover titled ‘Break The Internet Kim Kardashian‘. “It would’ve actually broke the internet if it was my bum!”, Adele added, joking about her weight.

The interview was in reference to her ‘Hello’ single which might not have actually broken the internet, but did break a lot of records. The latest of which is the first song to top 400,000 sales in its first 3 weeks since Elton John’s Candle in the Wind, which was released in 1997 as a tribute to the late Princess Diana. This makes it the fastest-selling single in 18 years

Adele’s 25 drops in a week! ?



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