Human Trafficking Survivor Reveals She Was Raped 43,000 Times

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Raped 43,000 Times

Karla Jacinto, a victim of human trafficking from Mexico who was under captivity for 4 years shared chilling stories with CNN about her survival.

By her own estimate, she was raped 43,000 times after falling into the hands of human traffickers. She says up to 30 men a day raped her, seven days a week, for the best part of four years.

Karla was kidnapped when she was only 12 years old by a man she met and got close to. The man met the then little girl, chatted her up and they exchanged phone numbers. A week later, he called Karla to accompany him on a road trip.

They travelled a lot, and the man eventually convinced her to leave with him especially as Karla and her mother were having problems. Her mum once locked her out of the house after Karla came home too late from a night out with her new man.

She eventually followed the 22 year old man, who after 3 months of treating her like a princess, began forcing her to work as a prostitute.

Karla is now 23 years old and has become an outspoken advocate against human trafficking, telling her story at conferences and public events.

She told her story to Pope Francis in July at the Vatican. She also told the U.S. Congress in May.



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