Honorable Secretary #16 (CHECK) By @maskuraid

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When it comes down to it, we’re all just human, with needs and cravings and desires. Karishika’s legs flew almost 180 degrees apart as she offered herself as a buffet, eyes already closed, panting in anticipation. I sneaked a small smile for this glorious triumph of democracy and gently drew her downwards on the mattress so that her butt cheeks could be close to the edge of the bed, then I dropped a pillow on the marble floor to provide some comfort for my knees and went in cautiously, knowing she had to be done just right.


I started her treatment with gently trailing my fingertips on both of silky soft her inner thighs, slowly and deliberately – letting the tingling sensations tantalize her – from just beside her knees to terminate close to her crotch, and then back again. Up and down I flagrantly teased, watching her legs involuntarily tremble with expectation each time I got close to her oasis and then move away at the very last minute, leaving her aching for that final touch. When she could no longer bear the sweet torture, she spat a command through clenched teeth.


“Don’t play with your food this man, eat! Now!!”


So I did.


Her freshly shaved cooch tasted like a mixture of fruit flavors, individually indistinct but collectively delicious. First I simply flicked the clit and labia a couple of times to test her reactions before I flattened out my tongue and swabbed her repeatedly. Her sharp intake of breath told me what I needed to know, before she grabbed my head and impatiently pushed my mouth against her throbbing hotspot. This was definitely going to be fun.


In different directions and with varying speeds, I let loose on Karishika’s honeypot, dishing out non vocal commands which she responded to with groans and purrs and jerks. After eating her out for more than ten minutes and noticing she was close to the edge, I stuck a finger deep inside her without warning and closed my mouth sideways over her engorged clit, pinning it between my tongue and palate and slowly working it. She lost her mind.



“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!”


Karishika came like a tsunami.


And something very cold and metallic materialized out of nowhere and pressed resolutely against my temple.




Hello people. I have to thank you all for coming on this journey of discovery with me, for reading, dropping comments, inviting other people to do the same and generally encouraging me to do this for the past fifteen weeks, even when the stress of daily surviving Lagos and it’s multidimensional wahala almost made me it too hard a task to continue. The Honorable Secretary series is my first explicitly adult rated endeavor, and hopefully it will be the forbear of many. You people can epp my hustle by following maskuraid on twitter. You should also follow Main_Book_Cafe on twitter and instagram, and regularly visit mainlandbookcafe dot com and versesbybeordoon dot com for juicy tit bits and entertaining stories/articles as well as the chance to win free stuff during numerous give aways.  Join us a The Bar Enclave if you’ll like to be a member of the Mainland Book Club, the people are friendly and accommodating and the grilled turkey is world famous and at the same time, not of this world. Once again, I appreciate all the energy, love and encouragement y’all blessed me with on this ride. Be sure to stay connected for more.


P.S – The book is coming! Soon!!








Standing there in stockinged feet, with a smile on his face and the sunlight bouncing off his dark bald dome was Japhet. The wicked looking gun pressed against my temple was his.


“Bravo! Bravo!! Attaboy!!! I never doubted you for a minute bro. My nigga got skills like no other! Shame there’s no time for an encore. Now stand up real slow bro, no tricks, just be easy and we’ll be cool.”

He stepped back and motioned with the gun.


Two things happened simultaneously.


First my throat suddenly went dry and then a bell started ringing in my head. The overwhelming elation I’d felt at making Karishika come instantly evaporated, to be replaced by confusion and fear at the sight of the pistol. My hands took on a life of their own and slowly rose above my head as I obeyed Japhet’s command and stood up from my kneeling position. Hero to zero in less than the time it took to spell either, I guess it’s true what they say about life being a swinging pendulum.


“Back to the wall bro, this is not about you. Just co-operate and you’ll come out of this smelling of roses.”


While he spoke to me, his eyes did not for once leave Karishika, whose stratospheric sojourn amongst the clouds – powered by an earth shattering orgasm – had been rudely terminated by the sound of Japhet’s voice. I imagined her crashing back to earth in my head as her eyes flew open in shock.

“JJ, what’s all this? Why are you in my bedroom pointing a gun at me? Are you mad or something? What’s the meaning of this nonsense?”


The venom in her voice would have put a spitting cobra’s to shame.



“You must be out of your mind Japhet. How did you even get in here in the first place? Frank! Ken!! You guys better be dead.”


Japhet’s smile grew wider, like that of a man who knew he held all the aces, and had a plan to use them at the right time.

“Madam the madam. So you sef like your congo shined? Who would have thought? Oya move, nice and easy. I’ll advise that you don’t try to be smart, I’m sure you know this piece in my hand is not a toy and that my ability to use it is almost impeccable. You’ll soon know what I’m doing here in your house, just be patient. You boys have been well taken care of, so you need not bother about having to fire them for incompetence, plus I have back up outside of this door. The sensible thing to do now is for you to just respect yourself and obey without complaining. Now move!”


Karishika’s eyes had cleared of all the sexual fumes and now stared straight at Japhet, shooting invisible darts. Some sort of message seemed to pass between them as their eyes locked for a minute or two, after which she shrugged, stood up from the bed without even attempting to cover her nakedness and unselfconsciously made to walk towards the sitting room.

“Wait a minute madam, come and put something on. We have guests out there and we want to be on our best behavior. Don’t go tempting my boys with that kpekus. Glancing sideways at me he added, you too bro, grab your boxers or something.”


Again Karishika shrugged and returned to her bedside where she picked up her discarded items of clothing from the floor where I’d dropped them earlier and slowly put them on while Japhet kept the gun trained on her. I also picked up my stuff and put them on, carefully avoiding any sudden movements that could be mistaken for me trying to be James Bond. When we were finally fully dressed, he motioned for us to head outside, Karishika leading the file.







I entered the sitting room in a rush, eager to find out who else Japhet had brought to the party that had made Karishika exclaim like that. Nothing made sense as yet, but I knew answers would soon come.


Three burly guys with guns drawn and pointed were standing in formation, covering the entire room. Standing behind them and looking rather lovely in a frilly yellow dress, was Toyin.


“You? What the hell are you doing here?”

Karishika was vocalizing my exact thoughts. What the hell was she doing here? Japhet who had also come into the sitting room started to speak.


“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Madam, where are your manners? It will do you a world of good to remember who’s calling the shots here; this is not your show so keep your mouth peem until you’re called upon to open it.”


I swear, if not for the gun he was holding Karishika would have jumped him and tore him to shreds that minute. It was obvious she wasn’t used to being talked to in that tone by anybody. The situation was however one she couldn’t remedy, at least for now, so she pursed her lips instead, swallowing whatever caustic retort she had been about to launch.


Toyin emerged from behind the three goons and came towards me. I cowered a bit, since I didn’t know her mission but she just smiled and briefly touched my face when she got close enough.

“Hi lover, it’s so good to see you again. Sorry I went AWOL like that without giving you any warning, it was for the best. I was informed you were quite distraught when you came to check my place after I left. Seriously, I didn’t know I meant that much to you, always thought it was just nacks between us. I’m back now; although I need to tie up some loose ends here first. Hang in there will you?”



I nodded, watching as she went to the far corner and took a seat. Who knows if a bad sharp guy can still come out on the winning side after all the drama is over. No be only politicians dey decamp when election no pure biko.


Japhet cleared his throat.

“I’m sure some of us here are wondering what exactly is happening. Well, let me bring you all up to speed. Please take a seat madam, and you too my guy. Seat back and relax, because this will surely take some time.”


The goons still had guns trained on us all and remained standing, but I found a seat and dropped into it. Karishika did too, hissing loudly.


“Thank you all for being so gracious. Now to get downstraight to business. My name is Japhet and for a couple of years, I’ve worked as the coordinator and supervisor for madam’s business interests in Abuja. I’m not sure I resigned properly from her employ sef, although I’m sure she won’t find it difficult accepting my resignation after this episode. In all that time I’ve worked with madam, she’s been a pretty decent human being, which begs the question which then makes you wonder why I’m standing here and holding this gun. Let me say here that’s it’s nothing personal, just business. I’ll leave the stage now for my new madam to come and finish the story.”


Then he curtsied in Toyin’s direction and sat on the arm of the chair directly opposite Karishika, his gun still trained on her. You could have pushed me over with just a finger. Toyin was the brains behind everything, Japhet’s new boss? Curiouser, curiouser.


She stood up and adjusted her dress a bit before she started talking.

“Good afternoon guys. I think it’s better I introduce myself first, to correct some misconceptions. My name is Laraba although I’m positive quite a few of you knew me as Toyin. Yes?”






She looked at me and Karishika in the eye, smiling beautifully. Now this was getting stranger than fiction. I’d been fucking a total stranger all these while? I could only look on as she continued.


“Yes. Laraba is my real name, the alias Toyin’ was just to serve as cover which I needed to successfully carry out the mission I came to Lagos for. I used to live in Canada until I received a message from my Dad to return to Nigeria urgently more than two years ago. I came in to discover he had suffered a massive stroke, brought on by the knowledge that he had been defrauded in a mega business deal by a partner. He lost quite a lot in that deal gone wrong and when his health took a turn for the worse, he had no option but to bring me home to take care of him, as my mum had died years before. Since I was his only child, coming home afforded me the opportunity of learning a bit about his business. What I found shocked me to the marrow.


Dad was involved in a lot of things which I found disgusting to say the least. It was during that time I learnt that the person responsible for his stroke was a woman whom had somehow managed to romantically penetrate his defense and then caused serious damage from the inside. Not only did she take a huge amount of money from him, she also managed to cause him major embarrassment with malicious lies of him being a homosexual pimp, which she somehow managed to pass on as truth to the society, tarnishing his image.


I still would have stayed out of all the rubbish if she hadn’t inadvertently dragged me in. Riding in Baba’s custom built Range Rover on my way to the Airport to catch a flight back to my Canadian base, two masked men crossed me on the highway and opened fire on the vehicle. If not for the armor plated windscreen, I would probably not be here today. That incident was the spur I needed to get involved, I took it very personal.


Abuja being what it is, it didn’t take much to investigate and discover that this woman here had ordered the hit just to be sure that Dad didn’t make good on his promise to get his pound of flesh back from her. Using Dad’s network, I was able to engage Japhet here as an ally and he was instrumental in getting me a job in her company in Lagos, close enough to her so that I could pick up useful information. The aim was to get in, get what I needed and get out, but when madam took me into her confidence and started paying me extra to spy on you, I decided to stay and watch your back. I wasn’t going to stand by and watch her destroy another human being.”

She smiled at me again.


“Three months ago, Dad’s doctors gave him a maximum of eight more months to live. He still wanted to be avenged and made me promise to deliver his enemy to him as a final gift before he gives up the ghost. Only then would I have his blessing to inherit everything he had worked for. For me the motivation was not even the money, but the chance to pay back the person who had caused my Dad so much pain and who also tried to get me killed.”


Japhet interrupted her narration from where he sat.

“That was when former madam’s former lover made contact with us. He was looking to not only get out from her clutches, but also for the opportunity to make something tangible from it. As it turned out, he was also motivated by revenge, as he hadn’t forgotten how she had his then pregnant girlfriend tortured and killed, so that he could leave Akure and follow her to Abuja.”


Karishika sat stone face, her fingers softly tapping out a silent rhythm on the chair’s armrest as sin after sin was mentioned. I couldn’t believe my ears, the woman had made too many enemies and dragged me right into the middle of her storm.


“We probably should thank you bro.”

Japhet’s statement was directed at me.

“Me? For what?”

“You got under her skin and in her mad pursuit of your ass, she got careless. That allowed us get close enough without her suspecting any foul play.”


“I’m grateful to you for being there, just waiting for me to find you.”

That was Toyin. I kept my mouth shut.



Much later, I watched as they bundled Karishika into a waiting van enroute to her ‘judgment’ in Abuja. She looked crestfallen and resigned, like someone who’d already accepted her fate and was prepared for the worst. I actually felt pity for her at that moment, but she had made her bed much earlier and was now going to lie on it whether she liked it or not. There was nothing anybody could do about that. Toyin (or Laraba) was going to accompany her on the journey to personally deliver her to her ailing Dad, and then come back to Lagos where I would be waiting. It was not without reason that I declined her invitation to come along for the trip; I didn’t want any blood on my hands.


“Find a hotel and lay low until I come back for you babes. You don’t know who else she’s got watching you and her disappearance may expose you to their back lash. Or you want one of my boys to follow you around?”

Of course I didn’t and I let her know.

“No hon, I’m cool the way I am. I’ll find a hotel and lay low as you’ve instructed.”

She signaled one of the burly bodyguards over and whispered an instruction in his ears. The guy ran to the black Rolls Royce parked further down and came back with a purse.

“Here, take this.”

It was an ATM card.

“The PIN is double thirteen. Use it as you like, there’s plenty more where that came from. Just make sure you’re comfortable.”

I took the card and carefully dropped it in my pocket.

“Take care of you hon, I’ll be back in a few days. Then we start balling.”

“I’ll be counting the seconds till you do.”

She hugged me tight after that and kissed me deeply, then walked briskly to the Rolls whose door was smartly opened by the guy that had brought the ATM card. Charles and Ken were nowhere in sight.


Japhet came to say goodbye, now wearing brown timberland boots and his gun no longer in sight.




“Bro!!! Good to see you again. I’ll go with them but will remain in Abuja. Madam should be back for you in a few, stay safe and low until then. Clear?”

I said it was.

“Stay away from my wife and the other girls too. You’re going to be frying bigger fish now. I won’t want to be the one madam sends to discipline you for straying.”

My mouth dropped open on its own.

“You…you know about that?”

“Of course! I saw the blackmail file she had on you bro. This is business though, there’s too much at stake to allow sentiments and emotions cloud one’s judgment. Madam likes you a lot too, although I don’t know what it is you do to these women. Truth is I can’t even look at you wrong while you remain on her good side. As long as you stay there, you’re forgiven for all you did during your period of ignorance. However if you choose to cross her…he let the statement hang. Just don’t think about doing something that stupid, because then all gloves would go off.”

“I swear to that man, you can count on me.”


He hugged me tightly and then ran to enter the foremost vehicle, a black Toyota Landcruiser with heavily tinted windows, just like the others. As the vehicles gunned their engines and raced out of the gates in a convoy, I noticed they all had FGN license plates.


When I was finally alone in the compound, I stood looking up at the silent house for a few seconds, ruminating over the events that just transpired there. Surely this was my shot at redemption. I walked out of the gates moments later, drawing them shut behind me. The loud metallic clang that emanated as they closed emphatically symbolized the beginning of a brand new life.







Abiodun is a member of the Mainland Book Café who daily juggles the Lagos hustle with running his personal blog and trying to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Prose (fiction) and poetry roll of his pen as the spirit directs and his first collection of short stories (which is still without a title) is expected to hit the shelves very soon. He blogs at www.versesbybeordoon.com


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