“His Teams Are Selfish” – Pellegrini On Mourinho

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They will not let him rest. Embattled Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been criticised by City manager Manuel Pellegrini, saying that the blues are selfish.

Chelsea’s title defence is not going as planned, as they can only record three wins in the league so far, and currently sit 15th. To make matters worse, Mourinho has been handed a stadium ban after admitting a charge of misconduct.

Pellegrini has now criticised Mourinho for leading teams that don’t care about the spirit of the game, but will do anything to win.

“It used to be said that Mourinho’s Chelsea were boring,” he said in a new book based on him, titled ‘The Pellegrini Method’.

“I don’t think that’s true at all. Chelsea are selfish – not boring. It’s a team that puts a lot of emphasis on what they do without the ball. And in my opinion that concept of football doesn’t respect the spectacle.

“There are millions of people watching the game [some] paying very high prices for tickets. [But] you are seeing great players defending instead of trying to attack the opposition’s goal.

“It is a valid [way of playing] and if you win the league then it is even more valuable but it bears no relation to the spectacle. That is why I believe they are a selfish team, the only thing they want is to win.

“The fan wants to win for sure.

“But it is different if you do so by playing well. That is where I differ. I am not a critic, I just believe in a different way of getting the result. What I am criticial of is people who are willing to do anything to win.”

Pellegrini and Mourinho have wildly differing public profiles, with the Chilean widely seen as quiet and withdrawn, while the Portuguese is viewed as anything but.

“I think Mourinho brings an awful lot to the show that surrounds football,” he added.

“But that is the way he is. He is in constant conflict willing to go down a level if they are attacking him with a particular question and sometimes coming out with a brutal answer.

“If I had had to act that way to get where I have got I would be a different person. I wouldn’t really be me.”



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