Heinrich: Bayern Shouldn’t Offer Muller Huge Pay Rise

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Former Germany international Heinrich feels Bayern would be wrong to offer Muller an annual salary of €15 million.

Reports suggest Bayern are looking to offer Muller a massive pay rise, so he can snub interest from abroad.

However, Heinrich feels Bayern will be alienating the fans by offering Muller such a massive pay.

“Muller could be earning €15m per year at Bayern in the future,” Heinrich wrote in his column for TZ.

“But what does this effectively mean? First of all, a lot of tax deductions! His new payslip will be a massacre. He will make €1.25m a month before taxes, of which will remain €614.232 after taxes.

“If Muller goes for an eight-hour sleep, he will have made an extra €6.731. That means he will be making more or less 200 times as much as regular fans.

“Of course, Muller is a great player and worth a lot of money. But surely making 100 times as much as a normal fan should do the trick as well.”

Muller’s current contract with Bayern is due to expire in June 2019.



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