Have You Seen The Nude Picture Of Himself, Vic O Shared? ?

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Vic O: A Comedian, Rapper Or Just Disillusioned?

I will normally write about what happened here, explain and add my own two cents. But I am so confused that I have more questions that explanations. What is wrong with Vic O?

The ‘rapper’ recently shared a photo of him completely nude save for a baseball cap and a pillow on his crotch. He wrote ‘Hmm…my sexy body’ a lot of jargon hashtags, and finished the caption with ‘after doing that thing’. The only thing we can see him doing is defiling a pillow, but that’s story for another day. He promptly deleted the photo, but not before someone got a screenshot of the now viral post.

Vic O Nude

As if that was not enough torture, the singer says he will be releasing a cover to Adele’s beautiful Hello single ?.




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