Ginger! Cristiano Ronaldo Admits – “I Need The Haters”

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Cristiano Ronaldo paid for getting dropped

Cristiano Ronaldo needs haters

Cristiano Ronaldo is not exactly one of the most liked footballers on the planet, and he loves it like that way.

Cristiano Ronaldo needs haters
Cristiano Ronaldo needs haters

The Real Madrid ace, in a recent interview with The Times, admitted that he knew he was proud, and thus needed the haters to keep him in check.

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“I am not the humblest person in the world, I admit that,” he said. “I am not fake. But I like to learn. I don’t mind people hating me, because it pushes me. ”

“When I go to play away they are always against me, but it’s good. You have to see the good things from the haters. I need the enemy. It is part of the business. They start screaming when I touch the ball.” he said.

“It had started already when I was 18 or 19. It is not a problem for me. It is a motivation.”

The current Ballon D’Or winner also revealed his gratitude towards former manager Alex Ferguson.

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“When my daddy was dying, he was in a hospital in London, and it was not good. I said to Sir Alex Ferguson, ‘Coach, I want to go’. It was a crucial moment of the season.”

“But Ferguson said: ‘Football doesn’t mean anything compared to your dad. If you want to go, go. I will always appreciate that.”



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