How To Get An Excellent Hair Look That Will Make The Women Swoon

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Because men tend to keep their hair short a lot of the time, people do not get to appreciate male haircut as much as they should. Maintaining a long hair doesn’t seem to be in vogue that much as it were in the 90s where a lot of movie stars opted for the long hair look. Asides the long hair look however, there are a lot of low and skin cut looks that men wear that get the ladies swooning over them. A lot of male hair stylists are reinventing the way men look by giving us just more than the normal look.

Men’s hair normally does not require much maintenance except the hair is worn long. The way you wear your hair can convey a lot of sexiness and warmth that can get the women swooning. The best thing to do is to avoid a messy and unkempt look and you’re good to go. As such, here are four ways you can get that perfect hair look to make the ladies proud.

Be Patient If You Want Beards And Long Hair
Having full and well groomed beards require a lot of patience which can be very challenging for men. Research shows that hair grows about half of an inch within 30 days, which means that before you can get that full wooly hair or beards you desire, you will have to be patient for between 6 months to a full year. Also, chances are you’d be tempted to take it off in hot and humid weather like those we have in Nigeria but it is essential you know that there’s no quick or easy way around it.

Maintain Same Level From The Onset
If you’re keen on growing your hair and facial hair at once, it is essential you allow them grow together at once before doing whatever style you want. The hair on the head tends to grow faster than the beards and slower than those on the sides of the hair. As such, it is best you grow them at the same pace while trimming your top hair to maintain same level till you get the desired length and style that would get the ladies desiring you.

Avoid Getting Too Hairy
It is best to avoid getting too hairy because it may make you look rough and unkempt. The truth is very few people can rock the hairy look and look good on it as such, it is best to avoid it as much as you can. More so, if your hair is rough and coarse, it will probably get bushier and rough and you should best stay off allowing your hair grow. And if your hair is receding or thinning out from the front of your hair, it is better you go for a skin cut. If you keep your hair when you have a receding hairline, the attention of people would be drawn more to the area of your hair loss.

See Your Barber Regularly
If you want to get the look that turns heads, you have to have a good hair stylist and of course, visit them regularly to get the hairstyle that suits your face. A good barber would be able to recommend the right creams and shampoos for your hair while also ensuring you get that perfect look that will not only make you happy, but make everyone around you swoon.



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