Fuck Boy Series: First Of All, Definition (PS: No Be Only Yoruba Boys Dey Dia)

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Fuck Boy

Fuck Boy Definition: That one boy (could be ugly, fine or in between) who for some reason believes the gods of the whatever heavens has sent him to this earth with one mission; to break different girls’ hearts.

Mission: Well, to break your heart into pieces, put it inside blender, grind it and make it into a smoothie.

Broken Heart

Where they are usually spotted: Lagos, Nigeria (mostly). However some of these people have managed to migrate to other parts of the nation. But, they still prefer Lagos and Lagos Island to be precise. It allows for them to practice their fuck boyism without much trouble. Plus, if you ask me, I think they like anywhere surrounded by water. Maybe because their behavior is very close to the one in the marine kingdom.

Lagos Island

Occupation: Most of them are bankers, the others work white collar jobs. They sha usually work really respectable jobs and you normally would not see through their bullshit. So no, do not be expecting a mechanic or an Obioma or a Conductor. Be expecting well dressed, probably hot, juicy salary and very hard to forget dousche bag.

Age: Fuck Boys eventually become Fuck Daddies so basically what this mean is you can be married to a fuck boy forever and ever. Usually, people think fuck boys come and go but the truth is because some women have allowed irresponsible guys to walk all over them, they eventually settle for this type and sometimes even have children by them. So essentially, the typical fuck boy’s age ranges from the age he decides to be an ass to the age he decides to stop.

That’s all for the definition guys. Stay tuned for How To Spot A Fuck Boy and How To Fuck A Fuck Boy Up.


Image: Istock Photo || Business Day Online




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