Friendzone HQ #4 By @Tomilola_coco

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Friendzone HQ

Friendzone HQ extra episode as promised…

Having a large family meant a lot of things; one of them being small events eventually became large.

So basically, while everyone else could pull off a small family gathering, a family like the Bucknors couldn’t.

And that was because they were eight in the entire family and almost all the Bucknor sisters were married with kids.

So Lade Bucknor brought her husband and kids, so did Kemi and Banke and Kofo.

Remi the only unmarried one always had a new boyfriend for every family event so she brought her own date too and what was meant to be a family dinner eventually became some sort of big event.

And even though Segun was not complaining, he sometimes found it a bit overwhelming.

And because of how chaotic Lagos could be, he definitely was not sometimes in the mood for the chit chat that happened on the table while everyone asked him questions he would rather not be asked.

He had tried to find a way to dodge the dinner but his mother had refused to buy any of his excuses. She had even mandated him to be there.

So he had devised a means to get through the dinner and he had figured he would take someone there.

“I am not going anywhere with you Segun, call Ada”

Segun scoffed, “Seriously?”

“Is she not your girlfriend?”

“Is this supposed to be funny, Oyin?”

“I don’t know. She wants you back, get back with her and you guys can continue from where you left off. You can start with this dinner.”

“I don’t get it. I call you to accompany me to a family dinner you’re telling me shit about hooking up with my ex-girlfriend. What’s this now?”

Oyin remained silent on the other end of the line for seconds before she said, “I have not forgiven you for the other night”

“You have to be kidding me” He said incredulously. It had been three days since the Kolapo incident and they had barely spoken in those three days but for some reason, she was still holding what was clearly not his fault against him. He did not understand her sometimes.

“You never apologized for being insensitive.”

Segun was irritated now, “You’re pushing it, Oyin”

“How? You did…”

“I did nothing! I did absolutely nothing! Your boyfriend decided to make a fool of himself, drank more than he could handle and it is somehow my fault? What is wrong with you?” The more he remembered that night, the angrier he became. Was he the mad one? Was he the one with no sense? How the heck did everyone blame him for something that was clearly not his fault?

“You could have stopped him or refused to play that silly game with him”

Okay, that was it. He was done, “Oyin I am not going to do this with you tonight abeg. If for some reason you think your boyfriend’s stupidity is my fault then I shouldn’t be talking to you right now”

“If that’s what you want”

“Yeah it is”

And then he hung up.


Kolapo had looked forward to that night since she agreed to go on a date with him three nights before. He had ordered for a new shirt online, bought a new pair of jeans and his shoes for the date were a brand new pair.

He was excited and he could not contain the excitement; he was getting closer to having the woman of his dreams and he hoped things went the way he had planned.

“Dr Badejo” A nurse was peeping into his Office from outside, “There is an emergency we need you for” She said.

He followed her immediately, all the way to where his emergency case was waiting for him and when he saw his Patient, with a deep cut on his arm and a bleeding head, he knew that his date was going to be affected that night.

His excitement suddenly reduced and his hands hurriedly searched for his phone as they wheeled the bleeding patient into the Emergency Unit.

Emergency case. Date pushed back for an hour thirty minutes at least. I’m sorry.

Then he hit send.


Oyin was not one to get dolled up for a date, actually she was not one to get dolled up for anything at all and even though she had not been wearing lipstick and fussing over what to wear out for the date with Kolapo, she had been mentally preparing herself for the evening.

So when that message came in, she felt slightly disorganized; that was what she had planned to do with her evening, what was she to do now?

She scrolled through her BBM, Segun had just updated her status about his family dinner. He was not excited and he would rather drink and sleep instead.

Her stomach rumbled and she was reminded of the last time she had something to eat; it had been hours before, sometime before noon.

Suddenly, Segun’s family dinner became an appealing option. She knew her job well to know Kolapo was not likely to finish with what he was doing that night and her kitchen had not seen any traces of food in a while.

What she had been feeding on for a long time had been cereal and milk and because she pretty much lived her entire life in the Hospital sometimes, those had expired and she’d had to order food in the past weeks.

Except the day Ola came and made pancakes of course.

She sent Segun a message; if he was still open to going to dinner with her then maybe they could help each other out with something.

He would have the company he wanted and she would have food, plenty of it.

His response revealed the option of being his guest at the family event was still open and she hurriedly jumped on it.

As she made her way out of the house into her car outside, she caught a reflection of herself in the mirror standing by her door and she realized she had been dressed too casually for the date with Kolapo.

A short denim dress and knee length gladiator sandals was not a bad combination but it was also not first date material.

First date, it was still very weird to her that Kolapo wanted to date her.

Alarm bells suddenly rang in her head, did that mean he was going to start asking her to be his girlfriend and start doing things guys who wanted to get with her did?

Of course it meant that. Question was why was it just slowly occurring to her? Was she losing brain cells or something?

She was not sure how she would feel dating Kolapo but she also did not want to think about it yet. The security guy at Segun’s father’s house opened the gate and let her in.

She was joined by Segun in seconds. He was wearing a maroon colored blazer and a pair of blue jeans.

That was why things were done at the Bucknors – they dressed up for everything and acted like they were in Buckingham palace or something. It was mostly amusing to Oyin and sometimes she found it a bit too dramatic.

But because his family was one of the sweetest she had met, it was always easy for her to forget all the dramatics and unnecessary things they bothered themselves with.


He said and placed a quick kiss on her forehead, then grabbing her hand he led her through the Kitchen door, past the domestic staff and a lot of food that reminded her of the state of her stomach into his room which was behind the stairs that led up to the other sitting room and five other rooms in the house.

“I want to join them when the whole thing is halfway or something. I have an interview I am preparing for tomorrow and I would like to spend more time studying for it than eating too much and talking about nothing in particular”

She chuckled, she knew Segun loved his family to death but he sometimes couldn’t deal with the noise and drama.

He shut the door behind them when they stepped into his massive bedroom which was two times bigger than her bedroom and sitting room combined.

The room did not look any different than the last time she was there but it did look more arranged, more clean and was rid of all of Segun’s old posters.

“You look good” He said to her and she whirled around in time to be right in front of him, literally breathing in the air coming from his nostrils.

“You too”

He smiled, that particular smile of his that she honestly could never get tired of seeing. “You know how my mom makes us get dressed for these things like we are celebs or something”

She laughed, “I know” her stomach rumbled, “Please I want food” she said, her hands instinctively flying to her stomach, holding it.

“You’d get food” He replied, his eyes dropping to her lips. “You’re not wearing lipstick”

She moved a few spaces backwards, “And that is your business because?”

“When I kiss you, it won’t smear and the whole world won’t know”

She placed a hand on his chest, trying to stop him from moving any closer that he already had. “What are you trying to do?”

“I want you to find out”

“I am not going to let you kiss me Segun. This is insane”

“It is?” He grinned, pulled her close to himself in one quick move and invaded her mouth with his tongue.

It was shocking to her, the kiss, the passion with which he kissed her and the way he held her like he would not let her go anytime soon.

She tried not to kiss him back as his tongue moved around her mouth like it owned it.

And after a few seconds, he stopped and looked at her, the smile on his face widening into a grin.

“What are you doing?” She asked him, breathless from the kiss and still in shock that it happened in the first place.

“You wanted me to say sorry”

“You could have used your mouth you know”

He chuckled, “Exactly what I did”

She shook her head in irritation and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Oyin, this is me telling you officially that I want to do things to you that nobody has ever done. Things that your boyfriend cannot do, things that you will never want me to stop doing. So yeah, we are best friends but I want to make love to you”

If she had not seen the seriousness that accompanied the statement, she’d have laughed it off.

But he was serious, dead serious.

Yet she said, “You’re joking”

And maybe she should not have, because he carried her, placed her back against the wall, wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed her again.

But she’d have been a fool to not respond this time, because she knew that she wanted that kiss almost as much as he wanted it.

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    1. Haha my darling, I am almost tempted to create a third male character to chase Oyin because of your comments. Thanks for always stopping by

  1. Ahanahan.. just @ d climax of d whole tg it came to an end.. Chai I was just passing by when I saw dis extra episode. Tomi Oseun o.

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