Freaky Friday: LYAO At 10 Crazy Hilarious And Awkward Sex Stories

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These are some of the most hilarious sex stories on Reddit from different people all over the world. Whilst on the journey to experience sexual satisfaction things took a weird turn to humorville.

Read up and comment on your personal hilarious sex stories; maybe it’s worth a laugh or two and could bring laughter to someone’s face. I’m sure this will lighten your mood up. Don’t forget to share.


When I was 20 (over 20 years ago now) I was home during a college break. My longtime girlfriend went to a different school, so when we were together we fucked like rabbits.
This Friday night my girlfriend came over to my parent’s house and they seemed to stay up for ever. Finally they went to bed and said girl and I started making out in the sunken living room floor.
I had the sense to turn out all the lights, grab a blanket we got under, and we got naked. About 15 seconds into “doing it” the kitchen light came on and my mom appeared. She started doing dishes.
I’m half-poke in my girlfriend, under a blanket, in a dark sunken living room. She and I are being as quiet as we can and both watching her do dishes.
My mom bends over and let’s out the loudest fart I’m certain I’d heard to date. My girlfriend then says “WAS THAT YOUR MOTHER?”
To which mom turns out all lights and goes upstairs. – stewpidbeatch

Can’t stop Lmao… This is my favorite so I had to put it in first. Can’t stop laughing. Mom definitely got one over you both. Maybe she knew you were getting freaky and decided to teach you a lesson.

She was giving me the first blowie of the relationship and right when I came I farted . A big, juicy wet fart. It smelled awful. She wasn’t pleased. – analhematoma

Ewwwwwwww… Gross….. I’d literally kill him. Nooooooooo.


As I was sucking his cock, he forcefully pushed on the back of my head, triggering my gag reflex, while saying “You’re okay, you’re okay…” Then, “oh you’re not okay,” as I vomited on his dick. Highly unpleasant. – sincere_pugilist

Warning boys!! Don’t push back on her head forcefully. Take it slow, or _____BLAH!!

One time, my boyfriend was finishing in my mouth and I decided to go deeper. I guess I breathed in or something because cum shot out of my nose. It was awkward but the funniest thing I have experienced during sex. – egracef

Oh my days, she literally inhaled his sperm through her mouth, swallowed it unknowingly and breath it out her nose. Gross and hilarious.

I am allergic to coconut. Mainly coconut oil. My new girlfriend (at the time) went out to get a Brazilian for our first night together. She used coconut oil lotion to sooth her sensitive area, which then caused me to swell up very badly in the middle of the deed.
Lemme tell you, having to go to the ER with your girlfriend of a few short weeks and insist on holding your hand while a nurse jams a GIANT fucking needle in your dick to drain out your blood was not the way I wanted to spend that evening… – jewman9000

She’s a keeper. Some girls will leave you stranded at the hospital. Sorry bro.


My dad came in and lectured me and my boyfriend about smoking upstairs for at least 5 minutes. My room was dark and my boyfriend was in me. I was mortified. My dad just didn’t give a shit cause he was drunk and felt like yelling. So. Horrific. – luv4vinyl

Most awkward moment of your life. At this point I’d be like “pops we’re praying, check back in 3 point o minutes”

This happened to me once. I was under my girlfriend (and inside) My legs were under the quilt,which bunched up behind her butt. We were both dressed from the waist up and she had a shortish skirt which avoided suspicion. Her mum knocked on the door and came in about .5 seconds later, no time to change position. So we both just had a conversation for 30 or so very awkward seconds while I was balls deep in her daughter. She assumed (or, behaved as though) she had only interrupted us making out. – thanatos-lives

Mom alert!! Nah she didn’t assume, she knew that was going down. She deliberately wanted to embarrass you both and it worked.

A while ago I had bought this bed frame from Ikea but was too cheap to buy the bed slats that were like $150 so I decided to cut some 2x4s and place them on the railing. Well a combination of me cutting them too short and not screwing in the side rails tight enough caused the 2x4s to fall off and the bed followed with it.
I was on top of a girl at the time when the bed slammed onto the floor and I headbutted my gf at the time right in the face breaking her nose and giving her a black eye. That was awkward trying to explain to people. kolipe

Moral of this story: Girls, don’t bang a cheap guy, Guys, don’t be cheap. Fix your house appliances with quality materials, lol.


He was fingering me and his nail got caught and literally ripped my vagina. Lots of pain and blood. I debated on going to the doctor because I was afraid I would need stitches (didn’t go, but still have the scar).
Another time we were going at it with the lights off and had gradually moved down the bed. He put his arm under me to move me up the bed with him, misjudged and whacked my head into the wall, nearly knocking me out.
Another time, we went at it, had a good time and finished up all with the lights off. Turned on the lights and there was blood everywhere from my period coming early. Felt really bad as it was in his bed…
(Embarrassing for him) He was about to finish and I was jacking him off. Didn’t realize he was right at the edge and accidentally made him cum on his face. He wasn’t happy but I laughed so hard I cried. – mtvphoenix

Miss MTV has an amazingly hilarious sex life. Wish I had one just as interesting. Oh well, I’ll live vicariously through you all.

Her mom came in the house. I hopped the fence butt naked only with black ankle socks. This isn’t the worst part. 10 mins of waiting I hear a door behind me open. It was an older woman asking why the fuck I was at her house at all. I explained it but I’m literally talking to her with one hand on my balls and one hand moving while I explain. Since I didn’t have my phone, my ex came looking for me and told me later that her mom only came in for her purse. I was at the woman’s house for no reason. – tombstone1200

Bro code 1, socks first, trousers next, pants last. Never wear socks while taking one from your rookie, except she’s your wifey or your bae.


Had a casual thing with a girl I know, she was really nice and didn’t want anything serious either, we had met up a few times and the sex was really great. She texts me asking if I want to come over, I had just finished a big gulp and I have the bladder the size of a peanut, I get to her house and within 30 seconds we are in her hall way and she dropped to her knees and started giving me head, she was sucking my cock for a good 5-10 minutes and everything was great, until I suddenly feel this weird sensation, my cock feels really extra sensitive all of sudden, I figure I am cumming but it’s just not feeling right, this sensation is going on for 10-15 seconds when I suddenly hear this loud splashing noise, I look down and I realize, I have been pissing in this girls mouth for 10-15 seconds full stream, she didn’t stop, she just opened the bottom of her mouth let my pee run out and continued, I just stood there confused, ashamed and shocked. – peepeesuprise

You’re one of the few men in the world to have shared a peepie, bask in it…….. Up for more laughter?! Pop by next Friday for more ridiculousness and boffola, that’s another word for laughter. See ya!!.



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