FIFA Prepared To Sanction Blatter And Platini

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It is reported that FIFA has asked to sanction Blatter and Platini, upon conclusion of investigation into the shady payment of £1.2 million to platini.

And FIFA has revealed it rejected Blatter and Platini’s appeal of their 90-day suspension.

And now FIFA has asked to sanction both Blatter and Platini, which could spell trouble for the duo.

On Saturday, Fifa published a statement confirming that the final reports on both Blatter and Platini had been submitted.
“The investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has submitted its final reports containing requests for sanctions against Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini to the adjudicatory chamber chaired by Hans-Joachim Eckert,” the statement read.

“The final report regarding Joseph S. Blatter was submitted by Robert Torres, the report regarding Michel Platini was submitted by Vanessa Allard. For reasons linked to privacy rights and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, the chamber will not publish details of the concluded reports and the requested sanctions against the two officials.

“In accordance with the provisions of article 35 paragraph 2 c) of the FIFA Code of Ethics, the chairman of the investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee, Dr Cornel Borbely, withdrew from the proceedings against Joseph S. Blatter from the start.

“As the two proceedings are closely related and to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interests, Dr Borbely also withdrew from the proceedings against Michel Platini.”

Blatter recently confirmed he will stand down from his current role in February and Platini had hoped to succeed him, but those plans are now in disarray.



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