Evil Daughter Hides Dead Mum’s Body For Over A Year To Keep Cashing Her Pension

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Greed, Evil, or Deceitful doesn’t even begin to qualify this woman’s actions as the woman now nicknamed Norma Bates has been facing the media whiplash all weekend for her cold greed.

This upstate New-Yorker will definitely be spending time behind bars for hiding away her late-mother’s corpse for that period of time while continuously collecting her benefit checks. Sixty-year-old, Mary Kersting lived in the apartment above her ninety-three-year-old mum and never alerted the authorities after she, Hope Ruller, passed away of natural causes in October 2013.

Mary never called the authorities to come remove the dead woman’s body after Hope died in October 2013. Instead she kept cashing her late mum’s social security and pension checks which totaled at nearly fourteen-thousand-dollars while the body continued rotting in the apartment below.

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Kersting has been likened to “Norma Bates” from horror flick series Psycho, told heartbroken relatives that “Grandma Hope” was still alive.

It was not until 14 months later on December 29 2014, when cops found Mrs Ruller’s remains. Attorney Louise Sara of Fulton County District said Kersting pleaded guilty to grand larceny, improperly disposing of a dead body and endangering the neighborhood and will be spending six months behind bars.

“What’s troublesome for everyone in these cases, is that someone is fortunate enough to live to the age of 93,” said Fulton County District Attorney Louise  “and they receive no dignity in death. That’s at the hand of their own family members.”

Prosecutors say Kersting had “learned to live around” the dead body, including the smell, even though Ruller’s corpse was decomposing just one floor below Kersting’s apartment. By the time she was discovered in December 2014, officials say the body had become so badly decomposed, it could not even help in investigating a cause of death.

“Other than ruling out blunt force trauma and any kind of stabbing injury, the medical examiner is not able to tell us how she died,” Sira said Thursday. The official cause of death will remain “undetermined.”

Ruller was described by neighbors as a quiet woman, with endearing tendencies.

“She would sit on that front porch over there, and sometimes she would just sing to herself,” said Sharon Peters, who has lived across the street from Ruller and Kersting for five years.

“When you’re used to seeing that every day and then you just don’t see it anymore,” she said, “it’s sad.”

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Photo Credit, NYDaily

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