Dembele: Growing Tottenham Can Beat Anyone

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It seems a goal of Tottenham is to win the premier league title and beat everyone they face, and this is according to Moussa Dembele.

Tottenham are currently on a 13-game unbeaten run since opening game loss to United, and played out draws against Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, with wins over West Ham and City.

And Dembele has revealed the boys particularly wanted a magnificent win against embattled champions Chelsea.

“I think everybody can see our mentality and the way we are playing is different,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

“I don’t want to say it, but we just feel we are now men. We are more confident and we are more of a group. That is something we have worked for a long time on. So we are really happy with how it’s going.

“Before, maybe we might have been happy to draw with Chelsea, now we are disappointed. We have grown so much in so many different departments and we know we could have beaten Chelsea. There is such a positive vibe in the group. It is very important now to continue that good vibe.

“I think we are accomplished enough to say we can win any game. If we have the same mentality we have now, of course. Obviously we want to end up first, but I don’t try to think that far ahead. The next game is important and then after that every week will be a challenge.”

Dembele was linked with a move away from Spurs in the summer, but he’s enjoyed a remarkable upswing in form in 2015-16 and says he never intented to leave White Hart Lane.

“I always had a lot of confidence in myself,” he added. “Now I am happy I am playing and the team is doing well. For me, I never doubted I would stay at the club. I never thought about leaving.

“Of course, people will speculate when you are not playing. But I’ve always felt this is my club and I just want to prove myself to the team, supporters and everyone that I can play here.

“I never wanted to run away. I am not the sort of player who runs away. I always show myself and I always felt I could do something here.”



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