Some of the Most Controversial Halloween Outfits of 2015

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People once again brought their creativity this Halloween as they dressed up as different characters and personalities.

While the creativity was all cute and nice, some people sparked outrage with their inappropriate outfits. Some of the ones we could find are below. Which one do you think is the most inappropriate?

Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian

This couple decided to mock Lamar Odom’s poor state of health with their Halloween choice. Lamar Odom had earlier overdosed on drugs while at a Las Vegas whorehouse. The man in the couple emulated that by wearing a oxygen mask while holding prescription container.

Lamar Odom & Khloe KardashianThe Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is going through a rough patch after a multitude of women stepped forward claiming the old timer raped them a while back, – mostly by spiking their drinks. This costume shows a mischievous looking Bill Cosby attached to a dress that makes it look like he has drugged another female. The costume even has a glass of drink which has Bill pouring something in.

The Bill Cosby

The Racist

This white couple dressed up in a dark brown body suit with large breasts (for the woman), and bristles on the chest and stomach (for the man). As if that was not enough of an insult, the man now held a Nigerian flag.

the racist costume

The Syrian Refugee

Probably the most insensitive costume of all time, is a woman who dressed up as a Syrian refugee. She wore a traditional Middle Eastern dress that had a baby attached to the front.

Syrian refugee costume

The Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

This one mocked Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner by stepping out as half Bruce Jenner the athlete and half Caitlyn Jenner the…whatever.

Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner




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