Comedian Creates Funny Chelsea Shakitibobo Parody Video

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A comedian by the name Dr. Bengu, released a parody video making fun of Chelsea’s string of losses in the English Premier League.

The Premier League defending champions have had a horrible season, suffering 6 losses out of 11 matches played and is under pressure to deliver quick.

As expected, fans of rival teams have been using the opportunity to troll the team that defeated them all to come tops in the 2014/2015 Premier League Season. One of the fans of those rival teams is the comedian, Bengu, who has released an amateur video to accompany his trolling.

Check the Chelsea Shakitibobo Parody video below.



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  1. The blues in a serious quandary…….what an issue before the million fan/supporters of the great legend club??????.Solutions to be proffered asap pls…

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