Christina Milian Reveals The Reason Behind Her Split From Lil Wayne

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Christina Milian and Lil Wayne

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne broke up months ago but the Actress/Singer turned Reality star just revealed why.

Christina who has a show on E! entertainment just revealed in a new episode why she split with her famous Rapper ex.

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According to C Milian, it was all because of a photo.

Apparently, Christina had initially asked Lil Wayne about his relationship with a certain woman and the Rapper had denied any form of relationship with the woman in question.

However, Christina was soon to find a picture the woman shared on Instagram wearing shorts and a sports bra right in Lil Wayne’s house!

Talk about your boo having a boo.

Christina’s sister found all of these things out from her when she walked in on the star crying.

C Milian then goes ahead to reveal she’s loved nobody the way she loved Wayne, not even her ex husband The Dream.

Apparently she texted Lil Wayne about the situation, confronting him about the lady whose photo had been taken in his house. The two decided to go their separate ways after then.

But Christina Milian is a gorgeous woman, we know she’d find a replacement in no time.



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