Chelsea’s Kenedy Names His Most Skillful Teammate, And It’s Not Eden Hazard

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Chelsea’s Kenedy names Willian most skillful

While many fans would crown Belgian Eden Hazard as the most skillful player at Chelsea, Kenedy would disagree.

Chelsea's Kenedy names Willian most skillful
Chelsea’s Kenedy names Willian most skillful

The 19-year old Brazilian, who joined the club in the summer, was asked who the most skillful player he ever played with was.

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“I would have to say Willian, he’s a very talented player and has been very good this season,” Kenedy said.

Kenedy also expressed his admiration of Ronaldinho’s elastico skill (called the Snakebite in Nigeria) and how he had been practicing to perfect it.

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Asked what move he’s worked on most, he said: “The elastic skill which Ronaldinho was so good at, Willian also does it.”

“It’s when you put your foot on the ball, look to go one way and then go in the opposite direction. When I was young and playing with my friends that was the skill we always used to try to do.”



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