British Singer, Seal Describes His Memories of Nigerian Food

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British soul and R&B singer and songwriter, Seal, was actually born Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel and in an interview with The Guardian, he talks about his Nigerian side.

He says though born in Paddington and growing up with foster parents who were English and Caucasian, he later on went to live with his father and stepmother where he had his share of Nigerian dishes.

“I went to live with my father and his wife, my stepmother. I started eating Nigerian food, made by my father – so my diet changed completely, to the food of my heritage.

Cassava, okra soups, fish stews. I remember helping Dad make moi-moi and frejon at Easter, soaking the best beans in hot water for at least 24 hours before going through the arduous process of rubbing off the skins and blending the naked beans into the creamiest paste”, he says.

He goes into more detail about how his father is a fan of goat peppersoup, and how he used to be sent to the market to get the necessary foodstuff.

Goat tripe was Dad’s favourite and I remember cleaning it for him on numerous occasions.

After the correct amount of soaking, two people would hold an end each while I’d scrape off all the crap with a blade. My father was a very good cook. I’ve been to Nigeria and I’ve eaten the same dishes he used to make in Kilburn, only his were better.

Read the full interview on The Guardian where he also talks about his ex, Heidi Klum et al.



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