Boy Goes To Jail For Blackmailing Classmates On Snapchat

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A Seventeen-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons has been locked up for blackmailing two teenagers into sending him indecent images over popular picture and video messaging social media site, Snapchat.

The teenager who got slammed twelve-months at a detention center by the presiding judge, District Judge David Kitson, was also sentenced to a five year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.The seventeen-year-old broke down in tears at the York Youth Court after learning his fate.

Concerning the case judge Kitson said ”At the end of the day I cannot overlook the seriousness of these offences and the effect these must have had on your young victims, ranging from embarrassment about what’s happened and relaying that to their parents and teachers at school. I have little doubt that this would have gone around the school and into the wider community.

It  is reported that between January and May this year he blackmailed two-fourteen-year-olds and the evidence which was recovered when the police searched his home includes three-hundred-and-sixty-two inappropriate pictures and thirty-six videos on various electronic devices.

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He threatened another child that he would hack his Xbox account who also sent him images to escape blackmail.

He also received four images from another child after telling him he had his social network account passwords and would hack into them if he failed to send them.

He went further to threaten a fourth child that he had his social media passwords and would hack into them if he failed to send him indecent images, the boy sent him four images at first, and when he pushed for more images from him the boy blocked him on Snapchat and other social media sites. But the Seventeen-year-old was defiant as he continued to to threaten the child on exposing his images on the social websites if he didn’t unblock him.

The teenager went as far as persuading others, including the boy’s brother to get him to be unblocked, but this led to the revelation of the Seventeen-year-old’s crime to the child’s parents and teachers.

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The prosecuting lawyer, Thomas Stanway, said ”12 children at a York school were interviewed about the teenager contacting them, but only two were blackmailed. These offences speak for themselves. We have the defendant contacting 12 youths via various electronic methods and it’s clear threats were made. The sheer number of images that have been amassed make it clear this would have been done over some time.”

Lee-Anne Robins-Hicks, defending the teenager, said: “All of theses offences have been borne out of a period in the defendant’s life of much confusion and a struggle with his own identity. He has struggled with his identity and a depleted self worth and did not reach out to those close to him.”

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Source/Photo Credit, YorkPress


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