Boss Life: The Shit They Don’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship #BookReview

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Young guy drops out of college … scratch that.

Young genius guy drops out of Secondary School after creating a magical software in his parents 2 car-garage in California. The software is so magical that venture capitalists offer billions of dollars to have a 25% part of the magic.

Young genius business goes public in the next few months and becomes world’s youngest millionaire billionaire. He buys an expensive house on the hills, moves around with body guards and becomes an overnight celebrity! THE END.

At least that’s the entrepreneurship story the media likes to tell us. Turn on your TV set, your internet, the radio, open up a magazine and you are reading the same story … the one about the young entrepreneur who found a secret formula and became rich.

What they don’t tell you about are the remaining 99% of entrepreneurs who struggle with entrepreneurship, the ones who don’t get movies made about them, the ones who struggle with bills, family life and stress. Well thankfully we have Paul Down’s author of Boss Life: Surviving My Own Small Business which really should be titled Boss Life: The Shit They Don’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship! (exclamation mark intentionally added).

Paul Down’s graduated college and for whatever reason decided to start a furniture shop where he made custom-made furniture for clients ranging from family friends to the US military.


With no training on leadership, accounting or human resource management he stumbles along. Really stumbles along … from working with a Partner who bailed on him, to workers who stole from him, to clients who never paid, to an almost empty bank account … Paul Down’s weaves a story of entrepreneurship that we rarely hear about in the media.

A story about a real everyday entrepreneur who struggles with marketing, with finances, with a not so magical idea of making furniture.

Of all the business books I have read (and I have read a lot), this was the one that connected with me the most. I learned so much about business and life. But the key aspect of the book are his stories about his family … a loving wife that demands his attention, 2 genius kids wanting to go to $50,000 expensive Colleges and a special needs child that needs all the special care in the world.

Watching him juggle all this with a job that barely breaks even is perplexing even to the author himself … but then the author is magically reminded either by a small moment or big moment about how he is giving other people (his employees) the financial support they need and the freedom he gets doing something as unconventional as entrepreneurship.

Get this book, only if you want to read the real story about entrepreneurship! It’s a big book but I read it in 3 days, that’s how good it was! Boss Life: Surviving My Own Small Business or as I like to call it Boss Life: The Shit They Don’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship!


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