BIZARRE!! Mad Woman Deliberately Guts Pregnant Best-Friend, Rips Infant Out Of Her Womb

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The year is coming to an end and we are all happy and glad about it. Well, I am, I don’t know about you. Though happiness just took a gloomy look last Friday for the Wades and Suttons as a mad woman performed the most bizarre act on her best-friend.

Ashleigh Wade, 22, slit the throat of Angelikque Sutton, 22, who was her heavily pregnant best friend, then gutted her womb with the knife and performed a personal cesarean on her, stabbing and cutting her womb open, then ripped her baby girl out, after which she called her boyfriend to inform him she just had a baby.

Proclaiming maniacally, to her boyfriend Angel Praylow, 27, when he finally arrived, “IT’S MY BABY” while still soaked in the dead woman’s blood. She claims self-defense.


The crazy woman who is from Bronx, was desperate to have a child so she feigned pregnant for her boyfriend Angel who was under the impression his girlfriend was really pregnant and expecting to deliver on November 15th.

Ashleigh Wade

Ashleigh who’s being referred to as psychotic following her bizarre actions on Friday, has been friends with Angelikque, the slain mother-to-be since they were kids and is presumed to have invited her into her home (Ashleigh Wade’s house) where the crazy operation had gone down. They had lost touch few years back and had only reconnected recently on Facebook.

Angel Praylow was basking in the euphoria of being a dad soon. He had been posting pictures of baby girl clothes and pictures of the sonograms for months.

Ashleigh Wade and shot of her sonogram

When Ashleigh didn’t give birth on her supposed due date ie November 15th, he posted on his Facebook account, that same day, “She’s not ready to come yet”, probably still believing his girlfriend was going to have a baby.

Angel Praylow, Ashleigh’s boyfriend

He informed the police whom he had called at 2pm that his girlfriend Ashleigh had summoned him to their home in Wakefield after she had gutted Angelikque and was holding unto the baby when he arrived the brainsick scene, still covered in her best-friend’s blood while declaring that she had just given birth and the baby was hers.

He managed to take the baby from Ashleigh and was cradling the healthy newborn outside their home when the police arrived.

When officers got to the gut-wrenching scene, Ashleigh kept insisting to them that the baby was hers, “It’s my baby” though her home which was the set for the maniacal act proved otherwise since the umbilical cord and placenta were lying on the floor next to the slain mother-to-be Angelikque.

She had cut the umbilical cord herself with the knife.

Police at Ashleigh’s house in Bronx

While Praylow was informed his baby girl will drop in on November 15th, Ashleigh had told neighbors (Marrie Sledge, her landlord’s friend) she was due next week. She said “Wade said she’d be due next Monday, she was kind of heavy. I’m really upset because she was such a nice person. Something’s wrong with her. The couple was very nice”.


Others who gave description of Ashleigh’s demeanor after the attack says she was in a state of shock as her face was expressionless while sitting in the back of the police car to be taken into custody. Her hands were still covered in blood.

Her Landlord, Angela Parris, told The Times that Wade said she had gone to the hospital few weeks ago because she had a complication called placenta trivia which is a pregnancy condition where the opening of the mother’s cervix is covered either partially or fully by the placenta.


Angelique Sutton and her daughter’s father, Patrick Bradley had used the baby-gift registry site, The Bump, to solicit for baby gifts. Records had their due date listed as December 2nd 2015. They had hoped to receive a pink flannel receiving blankets, pink bird-debecked crib bedding, and pink folding hamper.

Although the baby survived, Angelikque Sutton was pronounced dead on arrival. A DNA test confirmed Bradley is the father and he named e her Genesis. Bradley and Sutton were supposed to get married that day.

Angelikque Sutton, pronounced dead on arrival

A search warrant needs to be authorized before any tests to decide if Ashleigh Wade was actually pregnant can be carried out as Ashleigh is refusing to give deliberate consent. If she refuses the warrant, she’ll serve time for obstruction of justice.

She was transferred to Elmhurst Center Hospital in Queens to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. She has been charged with murder, man-slaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Ashleigh Wade also claims she acted in self-defense, stating that her best-friend Angelikque had come at her with the knife (in her house ie Ashleigh’s House) and she had defended herself while mistakenly stabbing her Angelikque in the torso and back with the knife.

She only ripped her womb open to save the infant when she felt Angelikque was about to die. Really? Really Ashleigh? Like how dumb do you think we are?

Ashleigh Wade and boyfriend, Angel Praylow

Plus, reports have it that this isn’t the first time Ashleigh had claimed being pregnant, she had as she called family members in 2014 and told them she had been pregnant but had lost the baby only to get defensive when asked what she had given birth in or further details for the miscarriage. She’s said to have an obsession for babies.

Bronx Councilman Andy King said “It looks like the baby was surgically removed. This is unforeseeable. With the holidays approaching, what a bloody way to start the season”.

“Now what do you feel? If she was your sister or daughter or your girlfriend would you want Ashleigh to be set free on grounds of mental issues or she should serve time?”

Moral of this real news, Don’t be desperate for a child else the devil can come in and finger your mind to do something bizarre.




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