A Beginners Guide To Joining The Beard Gang

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The truth is not everyone is cut out for facial hair. Facial hair chooses who to bless despite the fact that not all that have it are worthy of it. This may explain why some people find it hard to groom and maintain their beards while some do all it takes to build their facial hair. Even if you fall in the latter category, the right kind of approach may still be enough to help you achieve the glory that comes with joining the beard gang.

The honest truth is it will require a lot of effort at the onset but the joy that comes with a full.grown beard is worth the wait. That is why we dug deep to reveal the secrets to achieving that dope look to join the elite beard gang.

Shave It All
The very first thing to do before you commenced the arduous task of growing your beards is to shave off all your facial hair for your hair to have an even-growing level. It is essential you shave properly by getting the necessary tools such as new shaving sticks to remove your hair and allow new and healthy hair to grow and warm water to steam your pores. Doing this will allow good and solid foundation on which your new beard would be found.

It is also important that you use shaving sticks instead of electric clippers which can cause your pores to retain ingrown hair. Beards are best grown outside the skin as scrubbing them out will reduce the ingrown length.

Sharp Hair Stage
Hormones may have a hand in determining how your facial hair appears. Irrespective of how it does, the very first stage would be that of the eruptions of sharp stubbles all around your face. This stage requires a lot of quiet grooming and attention. You have to continually moisturize and exfoliate your skin in order to encourage further growth of your hair. It is also at this stage that you determine the kind of shape you want your facial hair to take. You may want to consider visiting your barber at this stage to get the best kind of shape that would suit your face. You can also consider adopting the beard structure of your celebrity look alike.

The Right Shape
When the hair finally sprouts to the beard stage, it can add a bit of weight to your jawline. When this happens, it is ideal you allow the hair under your chin to grow so as to keep your cheeks tight as the undergrowth hair develops more. This helps to formulate the weight of long beards, if that is what your dream is.

On the other hand, if what you want are tighter beards, it might require a regimen that is harder than the one above. You may want to invest in asShaving stick that would appropriately tidy up the hair under the cheeks. Trimming off any excess beneath your cheekbones would make you have broader features. If you prefer using a clipper, simply take the head off and start shaving from your jaw if you intend to avoid the mistake of trimming too much. You can also trim off the hair above the lip this way.

Trimming With Precision
This is another important part of getting the ideal beard gang look. Learning how to trim the moustache is the most difficult aspect but can be done with practice and patience.
In the alternative, you can get a very good barber which is essential in maintaining good beard length. You can also try some hair follicle removals which will allow you take your cheek, chin, neck and jaw areas down to zero, before building the facial hair look that will make you the envy of all.



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