#BeardGang: Scott Disick’s Beard Lands Him Major Deal Post Rehab

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Scott Disick

Scott Disick did well when he chose to be part of beard gang.


The former partner of Kourtney Kardashian has finished his rehab stint and it is okay to say he is not going to be broke in a while.

Well, according to TMZ, he would not.

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The reality star who checked into rehab for alcohol and substance abuse is said to be on his way to counting big bucks after his rehab lockdown. Scott who before now made a lot of money from appearances and endorsements has gotten yet another one and it is courtesy of nothing other than his beard.

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Y’all already know Scott kills it in the looks department and of course, when he decided to add a little accessory aka beard to his looks the hot father of three basically got the ladies oohing.

And we think quite a number of people noticed, including a major company known as the Dollar beard club which specializes in balms, beard oils and waxes.

Scott would reportedly be expected to push the company’s agenda to his fans/followers. The deal is still in the works according to TMZ but we know Scott would nail it.



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