Apple Named World’s Most Valuable Brand For 2015

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Apple is 2015’s most valuable brand

Apple has overthrown Google to reclaim its title as the world’s most valuable brand for the year 2015.

The company had a great surge in 2015 thanks to the huge success of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, beating Google with a growth of over $70 billion.

Apple is 2015's most valuable brand
Apple is 2015’s most valuable brand

Microsoft came 3rd in the annual rankings made by Millard Brown, with just a little separating them from 4th-ranked IBM.

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There was only $11 billion between 5th and 10th, with Visa at 5th, AT&T at 6th and Verizon at 7th. Coca-Cola was ranked 8th, restaurant chain McDonald’s was ranked 9th, and  cigarette makers Malboro rounding out the top 10.

See an infographic showing the data below!




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