Ali Baba Fires Back At Amber Rose Over Mr. Ibu Joke

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Ali Baba disses Amber Rose

Comedian Ali Baba has hit out at American celebrity Amber Rose for using Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu in a meme.

Ali Baba disses Amber Rose
Ali Baba disses Amber Rose

Rose had described the iconic funnyman as the kind of sugar daddy that wants her but she didn’t want, and Ali Baba didn’t take it lightly.

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Taking to his Instagram page, Ali Baba posted photos of Amber Rose below pictures of media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

He captioned it: “There are some women who we sooooooooo love, for their brains, beauty, empowerment of women, their business acumen, generosity, dress sense, awesome body, their struggle, their story, education of the girl child, international reputation and their inspiration of both men and women, black and white, tall and short…”

“Then there are some, who nobody wants their daughters to be like. Except when she done finally enter market. These second type can only inspire their kind. And much as we like them from a distance, we always strongly believe that any man that is with them may not be totally alright.”

“Sadly, these type of ladies, think that they are every man’s dream. Could be true though. Because if you put it to vote, the men who will love Oprah Winfrey will most likely be responsible men. Or men with a target to be with a woman who influences them on their way to being responsible.”

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“The men that will like the other one in the posted picture… You know NA… As my people say, person wey them pray for no make am NA the one wey them curse? She even get mind Yabb Mr IBU… Make UNA tag her make she SEF see comparison. Opio wey dey claim hero”

Ali Baba also reposted Amber Rose’s original post, describing her as a “pololo.” What do you think? Is this response perfect or too much?



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  1. Lol wasn’t she clearly joking? Mr Ibu built an empire on making himself look and sound stupid but it’s annoying when someone else does it? I bet Amber didn’t make that meme, so Ali Baba needs to chill

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