Akamu & Honey: Rick Ross Reveals He Wants To Work With Adele

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Rick Ross on Adele collaboration

Rick Ross is set to release a new album titled Black Market, and in an interview with Billboard, spoke about the album and more.

Rick Ross on Adele collaboration
Rick Ross on Adele collaboration

He talked about collaborating with singer Adele, saying he’d like to work with her sometime in the future.

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Excerpts from the interview below!

You’re engaged now. Are we going to see a softer side of Rick Ross now?

I think that is the softer side, would be records like “Sorry.” [Laughs] I always made a few records in the past — “Aston Martin Music,” “Diced Pineapples” — that the ladies would always be able to appreciate. And I think that just went to another level as far as it being that much more personal.

Why did you decide to go with the title Black Market for the album?

I believe I’ve always been so successful on the black market, for a lot of different reasons. And I just felt like that’s the space we’re in, that’s the space the music is at right now. And who else better to engulf that other than The Bawse?

You’ve remixed Post Malone, Future and Adele lately, some completely different songs. How do you choose what songs to remix?

It’s just whatever I like, or what I’m a fan of. I might ask on Twitter every blue moon, I might ask my fans what they want me to retouch. I asked them that a day or two ago and they told me [Future and Drake’s] “Jumpman” and I gave it to them a few hours later.

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So you’re a big fan of the new Adele single?

I love the Adele single. I’m a huge fan of Adele, her last album, the 21 project, I loved that album. I’m just a fan.

Have you reached out to collaborate with her?

Nah, I’m reaching out through you guys right now. Adele, I love you, baby. Get at me — I got a wonderful idea for us. [Laughs] Congratulations on your new music.

See the album covers for Black Market  below!

rick-ross-black-market-2015-billboard-510x510 rick-ross-black-market-delux-2015-billboard-510x510



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