7 Things You Know About Pregnancy That Are Completely Wrong

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Pregnancy comes with a lot of lifestyle changes as a result of the hormonal changes that happens in women. You have probably heard of a lot of things you shouldn’t do while you’re pregnant from taking very little wine to avoiding coffee in its entirety and even walking around with pins tied to your clothes to ward off evil spirits!

A lot of myths exist and you’re probably wondering which of the common ones are true. Here are 7 common myths about pregnancy that are completely wrong.

Normal Pregnancy Lasts For 9 Months

9 months

The truth about this is that your due date for delivery is estimated. A research study that monitored 125 pregnant women found that the length of pregnancies varied by as much as 37 days when premature babies were excluded. Age and Obesity were also found to contribute to have an effect on how early women gave birth. And age may contribute to early births.

Having A Big Baby Requires A Ceserean-section

It is difficult for gynecologist to decipher how big a baby would be according to research. It is best to ask questions if your intention is to have a normal delivery or a Ceserean-section section to know which is best for you. According to Carol Sakala, the director of programs for Childbirth Connection programs at the nonprofit National Partnership for Women & Families, vaginal births are safer for mothers and babies.

After Having A Ceserean-section, You Can’t Have A Natural Birth Again


The truth about this is that any woman who has previously had a Ceserean-section section should be evaluated before they can have a natural birth again. This is so because such women risk a ruptured uterus during natural births. If the mother has however had a previous natural birth, having the C-section because of wrong positioning of the baby or low transverse incision during the Ceserean-section, then it makes it easier. Women may have more than one C-section and still have natural births.

Shape Of The Belly Determines The Gender Of The Child


The only way to identify the gender of a baby is through an ultrasound which in itself is not foolproof. Trying any other method is bound to leave you disappointed.

Coffee Can Cause A Miscarriage

According to research published in the British Medical Journal, taking up to 200 milligrams of caffeine does not put a pregnant woman at risk of having a premature birth or a miscarriage. As such, a cup of coffee a day won’t do you or your unborn baby much harm.

Your Meals Are For Two Persons

Thinking that your meals should be for two persons will only make you add unwanted weight. The American Institute of Medicine recommends that women should have a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 which indicates a weight gain of 12 to 20 kilograms. If you have the normal weight before getting pregnant, eating about 300 extra calories each day is the requirement for your baby to grow healthily.

You Can Take A Glass Of Wine Regularly

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most dangerous time to indulge in alcohol. Taking as little as 3 glasses of wine every week in the first 15 weeks can increase the risk of having a fetal death according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. There is also no specific amount of alcohol that may be considered safe before and during pregnancy. More so, all types of alcohol are considered harmful to the unborn child.



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  1. LOL. Thanks for this. Though coffee and alcohol is something I had given up before we TTC baby # 1.. Now we’re on baby # 2. Been tracking and charting my temps and ovulation with my free BBT and OPKs from pregnancytips .org.. Hoping for the best!!!

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