50 Cent Shares Ugly Photo Of What He Says Is Vivica Fox’s Butt

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50 Cent Arrested For Cursing On Stage

It is a well established fact that 50 Cent has no chill, and has applied his no-chill situation to Vivica Fox’s case.

The actress messed up big some weeks bag by randomly name dropping 50 Cent in an interview, insinuating that he is gay. The rapper/actor/entrepreneur has since then been on a rampage insulting her at every opportunity.

Recently, he posted a photo on Instagram which he later on deleted. The photo is that of a somewhat misshapen butt, which had a caption saying, Vivica Fox’s Gross-Sir-Ree-Pie.

Vivica Fox butt

He captioned the photo saying. “Every now and then I have to check a bitch, old mother fu cker get a mouthwash deal. Why? Because I feel like it. Lol



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  1. Its been long rumoured that 50 cent was sleeping with soulja boy but it seems like vivica fox got an even more rude awakening after she entered into a relationship with 50.

  2. She probably caught him sneaking off with a male lover, or in a compromising position and it aroused her suspicions of him.

  3. These black men go both ways without telling their african american female counterparts, then they spread HIV through the community. If you’re gay fess up and stop with the dr jekel and mr hyde.

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