5 Tips On Getting The Right Fragrance For Every Occasion

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Getting the right kind of fragrance that matches your personality can be quite a herculean task. Added to the fact that a lot of people seem to think that only one type of fragrance is appropriate for whatever kind of event they may be attending. This is a far cry from what is obtainable in the modern world as the right kind of fragrance can do a lot of wonders. As such, it’s time for you to get away from the same old fragrances and get one for every occasion you are bound to attend.

A Job Interview
The ideal fragrance for a job interview is one that would combine a business like smell and inviting one as you face a potential employer. It is however important to remember that there is a high chance at the interview that you’d be crammed in a small space while the interview is conducted. As a result, you have to avoid the smell of sweat and your deodorant mixing up.

Go for a fragrance that’s not harsh. It could be a cologne that has mint, citrus and vetiver. This combination would make sure you have a lingering smell while retaining a subtleness that would be endearing.

The Workplace
Smelling like leather doesn’t really do it for a lot of people even if you work for a shoe manufacturing company. As such, your colleagues may not enjoy the smell of your fragrance. The office should be a place you opt for subtle fragrances to avoid choking everyone. More so, the best fragrance for the office is one that takes on a citrus smell with an aromatic undertone. This would not choke your colleagues and it would show you’re part of a team.
The citrus scent you opt for should be distinctive enough. They however tend to diminish fast and as such you should have a small bottle around to top up during your day at work.

Casual Days
You may be the type that doesn’t like smelling the same way you do while at the office and while you’re out shopping at the mall. Or you just want to smell different while you’re out with your friends at the bar, whatever it is, it is nice to sometimes change your fragrance as the smell you want during pleasure should be less serious than that of the office. Going for a fragrance that combines a punchy and citrus smell can do the magic, added to the fact that very few people would switch their smell. Alternatively, you could go for a woody and aromatic fragrance that won’t be overpowering but inviting enough to get people to want to speak with you.

Nights Out
Even though you should be more concerned about your personality on nights out with that special person, getting the right fragrant smell can do a lot to improve your personality by giving that person special to you a lingering scent in their memory that should be enough for them to want to look forward to meeting you again and again. This is so because our olfactory senses are very sensitive and it can make our brains retain and bring back memories of a particular fragrance. As such, the ones for dates should be something your partner hasn’t perceived before. Avoid strong fragrances as they can alter both you and your partner’s sense of taste, which may ruin your night out. Certain perfumes come with a mixture of musk, tobacco and grapefruit for a masculine feel. The females can opt for a grapefruit and citrus mix. These 2 can make you remain fresh for the duration of your time out.

Wedding Ceremonies
When you’re in your mid 20s, you’d probably be spending a lot of time attending wedding ceremonies organised by friends and family. These ceremonies offer an opportunity for you to relate with people you’ve not seen in a while and also put up your best appearance. As such, smelling smart in a flamboyant and elegant way is totally acceptable and encouraged. It’s the best time to smell as distinctive as you possibly can. An intense fragrance would be the best call here.

The scent you give off says a lot about you. It is important you ensure that your fragrance boosts people’s perception of you, not undermine them.



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