Now Trending: Nigerians Write #OpenLetterToMrPresident

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Professor Soremekun says Buhari is not a Nigerian

Following the current economic crisis and ongoing fuel scarcity in the country, Nigerians in their attempt to be heard have taken to the social media to write President Muhammadu Buhari on the need for him to quickly address the numerous challenges been faced by the masses, barely six months after being in the saddle as president.

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The hashtag #OpenLetterToMrPresident is currently trending on Twitter.

See some tweets below;

olaiya kudus @KudusOlaiya
#OpenLetterToMrPresident pls it’s in you we hope. Try all your posible best to help us. #poorPeaples
11:54 AM – 25 Nov 2015

Faith Nwakwue @aa77bfa2c0cb4d5
I don’t understand y ppl wr carrying brooms around shouting ‘change’ and we r still in this condition #OpenLetterToMrPresident
11:52 AM – 25 Nov 2015 ‏@naijcom 10m10 minutes ago
The struggle for heaven is real … #OpenLetterToMrPresident #Good_Time_KissDaniel #SisiLaidebyB2L Atiku 500 Nigerians

Noni’s Blog @SASSYNoni
#openlettertomrpresident but you just Gallivanting the whole world.Please seat down for a month and do what you are supposed to do.
11:47 AM – 25 Nov 2015

iStandOUT @blaH_stevaz
@APCNigeria #OpenLetterToMrPresident i hope you don’t have a second term agenda? Evidently, you have spoilt your buttock with a lil fart!!!

Mr igoni #ABUAMAN @IgoniKitoyeM
#OpenLetterToMrPresident we elected you to change things, but you changed the economy 50times in 6 months with fuel scarcity what our Sin?
12:02 PM – 25 Nov 2015

Oluwajuyitan B. J @Juyitanbj
#openlettertomrpresident When will you start fulfilling your party campaign promises. #Youthnotsmiling
12:02 PM – 25 Nov 2015



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