Friendzone HQ #2 By @Tomilola_coco

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Friendzone HQ

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Adaeze was not a likeable individual, with an attitude that stank more than a waste system and a rude behavior she was quite hard to like.

Yet, Oyin liked her.

She was not sure if she liked her because Segun liked her a lot while they dated or because Ada spent a lot of time complaining about Segun before their relationship eventually hit the rocks but she knew she liked her and everyone, including Segun thought she was weird.

And that was why she’d agreed to a meeting when Ada hit her up the night before to ask for them to see.

Because she was extremely occupied in the morning, she had picked noon for them to meet at the Hospital’s canteen.

And there they were some minutes after noon, sitting in front of two plates of freshly made jollof rice and fried fish.

“Have you seen Segun?” She asked, the moment Oyin started to eat.

“Yes. Have you?”

She shook her head. “No”

“Do you want to?” Oyin watched as Ada’s battle with what she seemed to want and need raged visibly. She knew Ada did not want her to know what internal battle she was fighting but even a baby could see that battle being played out on her pretty face.

“I don’t know.” Her eyes fell to her fingers, grabbing the gold strap of her bag she toyed with it and refused to look anywhere else. “I had an abortion for him after I went to see him in the UK last Christmas”

Oyin’s fork made a clatter on the table when she dropped it, her jaw dropped and her eyes widened in utmost shock as she gaped at Ada.

“He was so different, Oyin. Like when I went to see him and we made love I knew something was off about him. He seemed less Segun and more… more someone else.” Tears were gathering in her eyes now and Oyin was convinced if she was not in so much shock, she would have been able to do something.

“We had been fighting and arguing a lot before I made that trip and when I eventually did, I was hoping we would be able to fix it somehow. Then I got to Manchester and it just continued. And after we made love I hoped it would fix things, I hoped maybe it was just our bodies missing each other but I was wrong”

“Was there someone else?”

Ada shrugged, “I have no idea. When I got home I realized I was pregnant and I couldn’t tell him I just went ahead and got rid of it”

Oyin gently placed a hand on Ada’s shoulder, “I’m so sorry about this Ada”

Ada dabbed at her moistened face with tissue paper and sniffed, “We never really broke up you know, I just got tired of trying to fix what I was not even sure was broken in the first place.”

“He told me you left him”

“I told him I was tired”

“But are you?”

Oyin stared at Ada, waiting for the answer she was certain would come.


“She aborted a freaking baby! What the heck are you talking about?” She had burst in through his door and had barely uttered a word of greeting some minutes before and now, she was standing in front of him, still dressed in the knee length floral skirt and silk blouse she’d been wearing earlier, her hair pulled into a bun that revealed her scanty edges.

“Oyin, you do remember this girl told you I knew nothing right?”

“But you pushed her to do it!”

“She pushed herself”

Oyin gasped, “what?”

Segun had met Ada in his final year in school and since then, they had gone through the most epileptic relationship anyone could ever go through. Their romance had oscillated more than a vintage clock and emotions were constantly played with.

He cared a great deal for Ada but the moment he traveled, he realized his patience for her drama greatly reduced.

Yet he stuck through and tried to make things work and he could have sworn it was going well until she nagged him on the eve of one of his toughest papers.

He had been livid and they had fought and even though she apologized later, even flew all the way to see him in the UK, he had been done with the relationship.

And he never said a word to her but he somehow knew that she figured that they were done.

“You liked her Segun, what changed?”

“We were fighting too much, Oyin” The fights had threatened to drive him out of his mind. He remembered one time that they had quarreled while he was driving and he almost ran into a truck.

It was winter and had been snowing heavily that year, he had been driving home after working the evening shift at his Office and as they yelled at each other through the phone, he found himself directing his energy into his driving.

He had accelerated a bit too much and had almost collided into a truck.

He’d almost lost his life because of a meaningless fight.

“I feel like there is something off about you” Oyin said quietly, a little too low that he wondered if she had actually meant for him to hear the words.

He arched an eyebrow, “Seriously though?”

“You had a boner while we cuddled yesterday morning and your hands ran through my body like you wanted to…” she let the words trail off and chose not to finish the sentence. She suddenly realized that thinking about it was one thing and voicing it was another.

“Like I wanted to what?” He was not giving her a chance to take the easy way out and when she did not say anything, he added “I’m listening”

“Like you wanted to sleep with me”

“And that would be such a bad thing?”

The shock almost caused her to stagger and she found herself digging her feet which were firmly inside a flat pair of peep toe shoes into the lush Persian rug in the middle of the sitting room.

“You want to sleep with me?” She could not believe she was asking her best friend that question but neither could she believe he hinted it.

“I find you attractive, I wouldn’t mind if the opportunity presents itself”

“Are you crazy? I’m your friend’s ex, your best friend!”

“One who has boobs, ass and a hot body. Anything wrong with finding you sexy?”

She was out of the door before he could say anything more and when he heard the door slam and her engine come to life, he knew he would have a couple of Sorrys to send her way in the coming days.

But at the same time, it was a relief to let it out.

He wanted her body and the more time he spent around her, the more he was reminded of that fact.


Kolapo was still laughing uncontrollably, minutes after she had revealed to him Segun’s shocking intention.

“You can stop laughing now” She said, her hands stuck in the pockets of her ward coat.

They were both leaning on the wall, opposite each other in the passage way leading to Kolapo’s office. He had found her story hilarious and clearly could not get over the hilarity because he was still laughing minutes later.

“I am not sure why I find it this funny” He said, finally taking a break from his long laughter.

“Neither am I”

“Maybe because I saw it coming”

Oyin’s eyes widened in mild shock, “You’re joking”

Kolapo shook his head to indicate his seriousness and then, just like that the smile was wiped clean from his face, as if he had not just spent the last minutes laughing hard at something she said.

“No guy in his right mind would not want to sleep with you”

She arched an eyebrow, “Seriously? You too?”

He knew that as much as it looked like she wanted to know the truth behind that question, she honestly did not want to.

So instead of being truthful and revealing the things his mind had conjured for the two of them he said, “See Oyin I am sure you get what I am trying to say”

“That every man cannot have sense to see that some women cannot be touched?” She seemed miffed as she uttered the words and he wanted to explain further but he knew better than to follow that line of conversation.

He also honestly wanted to stop talking about the Segun guy. Truth was he liked Oyin very much and whatever intention the Segun person had was not going to be good for him.

He wanted to ask her for a date, take her out to see a random movie, enjoy the moments when she would unconsciously lay her pretty head on his shoulder and laugh at witty dialogue in the movie.

He wanted to spend moments with her, create moments with her and more importantly, he wanted to be lost in moments with her.

“Imagine, the cow is calling me” She said, her hand fishing for her phone in her pocket. She rolled her eyes before she picked the phone and spoke into it. And then slowly, she walked away from him while she laughed into the phone.

Kolapo watched her disappear through the passage into her office, whatever relationship the Segun guy had with her was strong and he somehow could see that he had his work laid out for him.

But thing was did he stand a chance?

Strolling back into his office, he remembered the one time she had told him about her friendship with Segun, the guy was from a well to do family and was the only boy in a family that had five sisters.

He was not spoilt or overindulged but at the same time, he had the world laid at his feet.

He literally got whatever he asked for and sometimes, got those things before he asked for them.

Kolapo was not sure that was who he wanted as his rival but he knew he was going to try.

Trying never killed anyone.


“He did what?” A long stretch of silence accompanied Ola’s question and then, just when Oyin was beginning to think someone had finally been able to stupefy her friend who always had an answer for everything, she added “Anyway I am not surprised. The boy has shown you that he is not about that friendship rubbish. Now that you know would you take my advice and do?”

“No. I am not going to do him.”

“Then let him do you”

She rolled her eyes, “Nobody is doing anyone”

Segun had asked to see her that night and even though he had not called, she knew he would eventually.

She liked and respected him and she also wanted their friendship to remain the same. But if that were the case, why was she secretly overly excited to see him? And why was she remembering his half naked body in her kitchen from the day before?

“Let me tell you the testimony someone gave in my church on Sunday”

“Ugh, no” She knew Ola was about to exaggerate whatever testimony she was about to share and she knew it was going to somehow be linked to why she should hook up with Segun.

“This Lady came and she was talking about how she did not know her husband was her best friend, she was now saying that she was just happy she did not turn him away when he revealed his feelings for her…”

The beeping tone on Oyin’s phone that announced she had a waiting call suddenly became her saving grace. She was relieved to know she could rush Ola off the phone and not have to listen to her “testimony”

“Ola, I have to go. Kolapo is trying to reach me”

“Who is that one?”

“Kolapo now, that my friend from the Hospital”

“Oh okay. That your friend that has two shirts.”

“He does not have two shirts, Ola. He likes to have his shirts in just two colors. There is a difference”

Ola hissed, “What’s the difference? Sounds like the same to me. So wait, you will hurry me off the phone to talk to someone that has two shirts?”

“I will call you back.” Ola was trying to say something when she ended the call. She knew she would be in trouble for her action but she also had plans to apologize for it with a movie or something else.

“Hey” Kolapo’s voice said from the other end of the line. “I’m outside your house”

“You are?”

Grabbing a shirt dress and pulling it over her nude body, Oyin slipped her feet into her nearest bathroom slippers and left her bedroom for the sitting room.

She crossed the old coffee table that had once belonged to her late father and almost collided into the vintage sofa the man had used while he was a Bachelor as she made for the front door.

Kolapo never came to hers and that was why she was hurrying to the door, trying to find out what the problem was and soon as she could.

She opened the door and there he was, standing with a nervous smile on his lips, a bottle of chilled wine clutched in his hands.

“KP” She called, sweeping her gaze all over him as if trying to deduce what the problem was just by looking. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Kolapo had mustered all the courage inside of him to go to a store, buy the most expensive wine he could afford and drive himself to Oyin’s house.

He had refused to think twice because he knew that would change his mind and he had also refused to rush back into his car while he waited for her to open the door.

But as she stood by the door in a short denim dress, one that had sleeves and resembled a shirt, her eyes roaming his body as if scrutinizing him, he had been extra nervous.

His words had suddenly failed him and his legs somehow threatened to betray him.

“KP?” Her hands were already on his head and neck now, the back of her palms trying to feel his body temperature. “Oga would you say something? I am freaking out here!”

“I brought wine”

They both turned towards the direction of the voice and saw Segun emerging from his sleek SUV towards the front door.

He had in his hands a bottle of wine and unlike Kolapo, he did not clutch it to his chest like a baby he was trying to rock.

“Babe, this is a 1932 wine and you know what they say about old wine? You and I are going to have a lot of fun tonight” Segun said and winked. “Chairman” he was extending a hand to Kolapo now. “Segun”

“Kolapo” Kolapo replied, realizing even his handshake was firmer than his. He knew the night was not going to end in his favor and right there and then he decided to make a decision. “I think…”

“Come on in guys. Who would have thought my night would be this interesting?” Oyin said as she dragged him in. And as the door shut behind them, he knew he was about to have the longest night of his life.

  • Tomilola Coco Adeyemo

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  1. This is the dilemma females face, choosing between Segun; the hot bad boy and Kolapo; the shy everyday guy!!

    As much as I want KP to win, he needs to up his game. But guys like Segun are hard to let go off.

    Adopts the siddon look position.

  2. Tomi tomi tomi where have u been? Ur the only reason i visit this site. Lovely write up as usual. Cant wait for the next episode.

    1. Darling, I’ve been hustling up and down like everyone else. How are you? Thanks for always visiting. You’re appreciated

  3. So I have been silently reading your stories for a long time and this is my first comment…. You are indeed talented, more ink to your writing pen…. This is another love story I’m going to love….Thanks Tomi

  4. lolzzzzz kai i dey feel for kp sha oo he had berra up his game so well. good job madame. you never disappoint all your series have always been an hit from bak to bak..lmaoo

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