Zola Will Welcome Terry At Al Arabi

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Robbie Savage hits back at John Terry

Apparently someone wants Terry and it is former Chelsea forward, Gianfranco Zola, who now manages Qatar side Al Arabi.

John Terry has made almost 700 appearances for Chelsea since debuting in 1998-1999, but he is no longer an undisputed starter.

This has led to talks that Terry might leave after his contract ends and Zola is relishing the idea of working with his former teammate.

“Terry is a big player and Al Arabi are interested in big players, so we will see what happens,” the former Chelsea forward was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

“There is a chance because it is one of the places where people want to go. The quality of life is very high here. There are clubs that pay well for the players to come, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Terry playing in this country maybe next year, maybe in two years. I don’t know exactly when.

“The connection is easy. Me and John played together and have a very high opinion of each other so it comes quite natural to do that.

“I can tell you there are no contacts right now, that’s for sure, but in the future we will see. It could be one possibility. We will see because right now we are just month and a half into the season and I am very happy that I am coaching, so I didn’t even think about changing anybody.”



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