Women Sex Wednesday – Tips To Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

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Women Sex Wednesday – Tips To Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer prevention begins by enlightening oneself on things to do to reduce the risk. Healthy habits such as staying physically active, not smoking and eating healthily can go a long way in helping a person live healthier cancer-reduced life. 

There are lifestyle changes that can help the woman with interest in breast cancer; this interest has caused her to wonder about steps to follow to live a cancer-free life. Factors such as family history are one of those factors that can’t be changed. If you have a family history of breast cancer patients, you need to pay extra attention to your breasts as well as schedule a mammogram from time to time.

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Want to reduce risk of breast cancer? Here Are Lifestyle Tips That Can Make A Big Difference;

Manage Your Weight – Overweight and obese women are at a high-risk of having breast cancer. Particularly if she became obese at a later part of her life esp. after menopause.

Reduce Alcohol Intake – Excess alcohol consumption has been linked to cancer; as the more alcohol you drink, the more you are at risk. If you must drink (any kind of liquor), minimize alcohol intake to one glass a day.

No To Smoke – There is still compounding evidence which proves that smoking and breast cancer are intrinsically linked. Especially in pre-menopausal women.

Breast Feeding Helps – It has been presumed that the longer you breast feed, the greater protection you have against breast cancer.

Cut Down on Dose And Duration Of Hormone Therapy Drugs – The risk of breast cancer can be heightened if the woman has been taking combination hormone therapy drugs for two to five years. If you are taking hormone therapy for menopausal women, ask your doctor for the best option that suits you.

Don’t Expose Yourself To Radiation and Environmental Pollution, There is research that postulates a link between breast cancer and exposure to office chemicals at work. Gasoline fumes and Vehicle exhausts are also part of environmental pollution every woman should avoid.

Begin and Maintain An Active Physically Lifestyle – Physically active people have a low risk of having cancer because their body maintains a healthy weight.





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