Women Sex Wednesday – Three Things To Know When Pregnant and Having Sex

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 Women Sex Wednesday – Three Things To Know When Pregnant And Having Sexjayleephotography.net

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment when a woman is made a vessel to carry another into the world. Every thing changes from what you want to what the vessel needs. And that includes SEX.

Contrary to public opinion, having sex during pregnancy is important. To men who might have inhibitions, maybe a tweak in thoughts would help make your marriage better. And to that freak, you know, the sexy-freak who loves his wife like crazy, and ensures she’s well taken care of especially during this period. She wants it, You Serve it.

While doing what we do, no matter our stand, let’s do what’s right and find out THREE THINGS TO KNOW WHEN PREGNANT AND HAVING SEX. 

During Oral Sex – Do not blow air into the vagina. Research shows that when air is blown into the vagina, cool or forceful; it has no space to go out, so that air is stuck. This stuck-air could cause an air-embolism (when there is an abnormal presence of air in the cardiovascular system) to occur, which can be deadly.

Those at a higher risk are those with enlarged pelvic vessels ie when the vagina has an increased blood supply. Conditions include possibly, pregnancy and trauma.

This means that if quantum air was blown into the vagina tunnels, It could possibly enter her bloodstream and cause a blockage in her blood vessel. An aftermath of this includes complications for both the woman and her fetus.


When Bleeding During Sex –bleeding while having sex, particularly during the first trimestertrimester,  is something to take note of.

This bleeding occurs as a result of normal swellings of capillaries in the cervix, which during sex, might bust. While this is normal, and generally not to be stressed over; please mention it to your doctor, midwife or nurse on your next appointment.


History Of Miscarriage or Pre-term Labor – If you have a history of miscarriage or pre-term labor, certain sexual positions or practice isn’t for you.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor, find out sexual practices you should stay away from, eg “air being blown into the vagina”.

Certain practices which have previously been normal have been proven to, possibly, be the cause for certain illnesses.

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