Wiz Khalifa Gets A Ticket For Urinating In Public

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Wiz Khalifa Gets A Ticket For Urinating In Public

Wiz Khalifa is not Nigerian and that means he basically cannot urinate anywhere he likes.

The American Rapper either knew that or not but kinda still peed in public anyway.

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Wiz Khalifa decided to take a leak in public and even shared a photo of it for his fans and well, anyone else who might figure he needed a ticket.

Wiz Khalifa

The Rapper who captioned the photo; I just love nature, clearly didn’t know he was going to have to love tickets too.

Wiz was caught outside a bar where he had you know, taken time out to take the call of nature and pose for photos while at it and, issued a ticket by the Police.

At least he tried his best by giving us the opportunity to see him and nature doing their thing.

Generous person…



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