Winning Combination! You and your TECNO WinPad10

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For anyone who loves to take their world of work and play everywhere with them, here’s a great news: WinPad 10’s just the companion for you! People say good news is hard to come by. Well, they must not have heard of the wondrous WinPad 10 from TECNO, Microsoft and Intel.

Great to look at, the WinPad 10 boasts advanced hardware including a 10 inch HD screen and a unique, detachable 3-in-1 keypad that makes this mobile beauty a Tablet when you want it and a Laptop when you need it to be – essentially, you’re getting two devices for the price of one as opposed to other brands that offer these devices separately. The Intel Atom processor (Z3735f) is responsible for the amazing speed of this device!
And because this is Microsoft we’re talking about, you can run familiar apps like Skype, iTunes, Photoshop and Office® and play games such as the popular Solitaire in addition to finding many other favourite apps from a great and fast-growing collection in Windows Store.
Then, you can choose the touch or keyboard and mouse functionality, whichever is most comfortable and productive for your work and play.
Again, unlike most of the competition, the WinPad 10 comes with USB ports that enable connect to printers, scanners, external drives, cameras and more.
And to seal the deal for you, the WinPad 10 also comes preloaded with the beautifully smooth and responsive Windows 8.1 and packed with extras including a free upgrade to Windows 10, a year of Office 365 personal which gives you access to 60 minutes Skype world credit every month and unlimited cloud storage easy to switch as office 2016 is the latest addition with the device!
Yes, the WinPad 10 is Tablet light, Laptop smart and Budget friendly. Need we say more?




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  1. Oh this is dope. For a designer like me I can edit with photoshop on the go and even use a mouse to operate a tab. In fact I can hook this up to my flat screen monitor and have a nice gaming experience. Fantastic addition. Good to see Tecno using Intel.

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