WHO Says Suya Can Cause Cancer, Nigerians Respond With Hilarious Outrage

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A report published by the World Health Organization attracted a lot of attention after it stated that processed meat causes cancer.

Nigerians were not concerned with the report till online publication, The Cable, adapted the news and revealed that this could mean suya – Nigeria’s favourite meat meal – could cause cancer as well (which is actually a false premise).

Nigerians responded to that tweet with mock outrage, and if there is one thing to gain, it is that suya will not be consumed any less. A poll carried out by Zikoko on Twitter proved it. Check below for some hilarious reactions.




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  1. First of all there is a problem with The Cable that misinterpreted WHO report to Nigerians.
    Suya is by no means a processed meat. It is the most natural meat anyone can eat. Processed meats are those meats that have been laced chemicals in order to preserve them so as to increase their shelf live. This is not a Nigerian problem as most of the beefs produced in Nigeria are eaten the same day, so no need for preservatives or chemicals, which are the actual carcinogens.
    Long Live the Naija Suya!

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