Wenger: We’ve Beaten Better Bayern Teams Before

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Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has revealed that his side do not fear Bayern Munich ahead of their UCL clash on Tuesday.

Bayern Munich are yet to lose any match this season, as they have gone 9 matches without a loss in the Bundesliga and also top the UCL table with back-to-back wins.

However, Wenger’s men have suffered back-to-back losses in the UCL and their position in the competition is at risk, with a win against Bayern needed. And Wenger will be keeping faith in the fact that they’ve beaten a Bayern team in days past.

Wenger: Arsenal Will Attack Bayern

“We could be suspected of not taking the first two Champions League games seriously enough, but that won’t be a problem against Bayern,” Wenger told reporters. “We know we are playing against a top side. Tomorrow everyone will be highly focused.

“We are [confident]. We’ve played great Bayern teams before, at least as good as the one we play tomorrow, and beaten them. The team that won the treble, with [Franck] Ribery at full power, [Arjen] Robben at full power, [Toni] Kroos and [Bastian] Schweinsteiger, [Thomas] Muller.

“There is no team without weaknesses. If you asked me to come out with them now, I wouldn’t do it. But there are no teams without weaknesses.

“We want to defend well, attack well and score the first goal. That is massively important in big games. You can’t say you will score three goals in 20 minutes [as against Manchester United] because that is absolutely crazy.”

Petr Cech will start in goal for the Gunners, with David Ospina carrying an injury, but Wenger has no plans to rest star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

“You would be surprised if I told you that I’ll rest them tomorrow. Unless I have a very bad sleepless night, maybe, and got it wrong. But normally they play,” he continued.

“These kind of medical predictions are beyond everybody. Even with the most sophisticated equipment doctors cannot predict the impact on the body. But they have no specific problems so I don’t see why they should be [rested].”



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