Wendy Williams: Host Would Be Happier Than Mad If Terrence Howard Were Taken Off Empire

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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has a few things to say about Empire, so it is safe to conclude 50 Cent is not the only person who has stuff to say.

The popular talk show host who revealed she only recently just started keeping up with the show, believes a few things would make Empire better and trust her to start talking about these things immediately!

About a week ago, 50 Cent expressed what he seems to believe is the problem with the hit show when reposted a photo on Instagram. The photo which says Empire’s issue is largely based on the heavy presence of gay characters and too many cameos from celebrities seemed to have echoed the Rapper’s thoughts.

But 50 Cent is not the only person who believes he has an opinion about why the show has issues. Wendy Williams during her show which aired after Empire’s second episode, revealed what she thinks is the Fox series biggest issue.

And guess who it is? It’s none other than the show’s star, Terrence Howard.

Terrence who plays Luscious Lyon is currently in jail in the series and in the last episode even released a rap track from there.

Now, Ms Williams is clearly not a fan of Terrence’s onscreen rap, neither is she a fan of him on the show at all.

Wendy believes that Terrence’s real life issues are beginning to surface on in his character on the show.

Watch video below to hear what she thinks of Terrence and why he should be dropped off the show.

Terrence did respond to Wendy via Twitter but if you watched the video above you’d see Ms Williams has no plans to respond to neither him nor anyone at all for that matter.


Meanwhile, these are not good times for Empire. The show’s ratings dropped last week and fans seem to be displeased at where the show is currently headed.

What do you guys think though, is Empire still on the right path or nah?




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