VIDEO: Cossy Orjiakor Shows Off Sexy Dance Moves

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While on a long trip to Berlin, Germany, Cossy Orjiakor showed off some sultry dance moves in a nightclub on one of her last days in the European city.

Cossy was invited to Germany to collect an award for one of her little-known acting roles and she made the best of the trip, going to the major tourist attractions, attending Oktoberfest, enjoying the nightlife as she constantly updated her delightful followers on Instagram.

Cossy OrjiakorIn a short clip uploaded to Instagram, Cossy is seen dancing on an elevated dance/stripper platform where she showed off some sultry moves on a man who she called Mr. Mike. As if the dancing was not sexy enough, Cossy was dressed in a sexy short skirt and a bustier that…well, made her bustier.



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