Tyga And Son Enjoy Time Alone Without Kylie Jenner [Photos]

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Tyga and his mini me took time out to enjoy a little Daddy/son time post the birthday celebrations.

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The Rapper who shares his three year old son with ex stripper Blac Chyna was spotted with his cutie in Los Angeles holding the son in his hands. Tyga and Blac Chyna called off their engagement over a year ago and almost immediately, the Rapper started hooking up with Kylie Jenner, a claim they both denied numerous times.

But after Kylie’s 18th birthday, the duo stopped shielding their relationship and went public with it; even shooting a video together. And they have been inseparable since then, with Kylie being present at Tyga’s son’s 3rd birthday party and Blac Chyna a no show.

The ex lovers however had huge parties for the 3 year old with Chris Brown attending Tyga’s own party for the boy and Karrueche attending the one thrown by Blac.

Interesting, eh?

Whatever the case is, these two seem to be very much protective of their baby and they clearly love spending time with him.

Check photos of Tyga and his son out for some chow below…


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