Throwback Thursday – DRAGON GLORY, Kahl Drogo “Game of Thrones”

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Throwback Thursday – Dragon Glory, Kahl Drogo “Game of Thrones”

Hello Throwback Thursday, we love you so much because you afford us the opportunity to dig into those past things we love, hate or have forgotten. But who even began that ridiculous trend?! Throwback Thursday?


After much consideration (trust me, it wasn’t easy), we’ll be giving you something new.  We’ll be throwing back to the present…. Ever heard of it?! No?! Me neither.

By the time the trend with Throwback to the past begins to fade, we’ll be throwing straight to the future. Who says you can’t create your own trend?

Remember where you saw it first. 360nobs.

For those Game of Thrones lovers, we have brought before you our Thursday thirst and male fantasy, Kahl Drogo.
Married to our dear Khaleesi, Drogo just had to die early before we could bask fully in his bronze magnificence.

Digging into the depths of the abyss for images to make the girls drool and the guys hate, Kahl Drago reigns in all his Dragon glory. His real name is Jason Momoa. 

Don’t hate. Just watch. 

We particularly loved the part where he poured hot coal on the head of Viserys Targaryen, brother to Drago’s wife, Daenerys Targaryen. The young man was in a hurry to lay claim to the Iron Throne. His father, Aery’s Targaryen II was ousted from the throne during Roberts rebellion. Viserys sold his sister to Drago in marriage for the price of an army.

Kahl Drago killed Viserys after he disrespected his sister, Daenerys, Kahls wife, by pouring hot coal over his head.

At first, we don’t understand Drogo’s relationship with Khaleesi, as she later came to be fondly called. Some lustily forceful sex scenes appeared showing Daenerys as timid, naïve and willing to obey Kahl Drogo until one of her maids taught her to be a strong woman, demanding to receive as much as is being taken from her sexually.

That night she made Kahl Drogo know exactly why she was called “Dragon Queen”.



I killed myself when he died. I couldn’t bear the thought of living without my Drogo. But I had to quickly run back to life before my blood congeals, when I remembered he got paid to die so why should I die for free?! I don’t love him enough to really die for him. Duh!!

Here’s what he looks like in real life, as Jason Momoa. He is super-fine. Oh our lawd.


jason momoa


Images: Pinterest| JustJared

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