Tecno Phantom 5 Review: A Phone That’s Worth The Hype

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To begin, I am not a tech person. I’m just a writer and your everyday regular phone user. My review of the Tecno Phantom 5 will be an attempt to share my experience with the phone as such.

Click here to read about my first impression and get the full specs of the phone.

The phantom 5 is Tecno’s 2015 flagship device, the first to feature a complete metallic body design and a RAM that is larger than 3GB.

Appearance And Design

It’s a beauty at first sight. Easy to handle. It is protected with a Gorilla Glass 3 which has enhanced scratch resistance and better retained strength once a scratch occurs.



You have a front 8MP camera that has an LED flash. At the back of the phone, there is a 13MP rear camera which has dual flash; and also a fingerprint sensor which allows for up to five different fingerprints. and then you also have the HiFi enhanced Dolby speaker.


On the right side of the phone, you have the power button and the volume controls. Below them is the SD card slot.


On the left side, you have the dual micro SIM slot.

tecno phantom 5

Fingerprint Sensor


It was pretty easy to register my fingerprint and I had no issues using it. It takes only 0.7 seconds to identify a fingerprint and also to unlock the phone.


So for me, the things I look for in a phone are music, camera, and ease of use because I do a lot of writing on my phone when I’m on the go.


I’ll just go straight to the point and tell you how amazing the sound is. Whether you’re using the HiFi earphones or listening directly from the phone, you will have a great experience with the sound quality. The Phantom 5 comes with two preinstalled players – the usual audio player and the Boom player. With both, you get the experience you’re looking for. The Boom player has a lot of songs in its database now than it did before. You can download, stream videos, create as many playlists as you want and share files with others online.


I was recently on a trip that required me taking a lot of pictures. And high-quality ones too. I can’t overemphasize how much the cameras on the Phantom 5 came through for me. I read a review on some other blog where they said the 13MP camera is of low quality and they went ahead to share pictures and I was like are you kidding me? I’m wondering if they even know how to use the camera or they are just bad belle people.

It doesn’t delay after a snapshot. You can just keep taking pictures continuously without waiting even for a split second. It gives great, clear selfies too with an 8MP front camera. It’s a great phone for Instagram freaks.

Below are a few pics and selfies from my trip. You judge for yourself.



The Tecno Phantom 5 comes with a 1.5GHz Octa-core cortex processor. It has 3GB of RAM which doesn’t do so badly when I want to multitask. If it comes to daily usage, it functions well, although once in a while there’s a delay in screen responsiveness. But it isn’t a serious issue; some days I don’t even experience it. Tapping the screen twice to wake the phone doesn’t always work, which is a similar complaint from Tecno Boom J7 users. Functionality like that shouldn’t be a hassle for a premium phone. Tecno should look into this.

Other than that, the capacitive touch screen is awesome. Gesture controls work really well. The phone doesn’t heat up after extended use.

Software and Pre-Installed Apps

User Interface is not bad at all. I just wish I could have arranged my icons the way I want. I can only do that on the home screen. As for pre-installed apps, you get almost everything an Android phone comes with. Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Palmchat, Palmplay, UC Mini browser, Uber Sync for Facebook, Google Maps, Google Play Store, Google Chrome, Google Settings, WPS Office, Opera Mini, other apps for easy functionality and a couple of free games. And there’s also the system update that ensures that your Phantom 5 doesn’t have bug issues.


So it seems like everyone using this phone is having an awesome battery experience except me. Hence, I’ll put it down to how I use it. Whenever I’m on the go, I do a lot of typing. I’m always on Microsoft Word. And I do this while listening to music, replying emails, editing content on 360nobs, sometimes even posting articles, sourcing for stories on social media and a couple of other things. Therefore, I’m not surprised that the battery doesn’t last all day. But If I am doing none of those things and I’m on to the basic listening to music and trolling people’s timelines on social media, then it can last from morning until evening. All the same, the phone should have come with a 5, 000mAh Lithium Ion battery rather than the 3, 000 it came with. It’s great for watching videos, though. Fully charged, my husband watched a movie that took him about two hours and he still had 70% remaining. Not so bad, huh?


It comes with 32GB internal storage. Only 25GB is usable. But you can install an SD card that has up to 64GB.

Text Input.

For a writer, the pre-installed swiftkey keyboard is a must for me and it works perfectly in the Phantom 5.


The buttons are spaced well enough and the keyboard is highly customizable.

The buttons are spaced and you can do a whole lot with the keyboard. But if you’re thinking this is a phone you can easily use with just one hand, you’d be dissapointed.


My only complain here would be the battery life. Wish it lasted a little bit longer.

But is Tecno Phantom 5 worth all the talk?

I’d say yes, considering my experience with it so far. I particularly love the fingerprint security and how fast and efficiently it works. I literally just place my finger on the sensor at any angle (even up-side down) and it speedily unlocks. The camera is great at dark and makes for fast, multiple snapshots. And then the appearance of the phone; not bad at all. It’s one you can proudly show off. The other day someone asked me, you’re sure it’s Tecno? And I smiled.

I think Tecno did great on this one.



Sally is the author of the Fish Brain series and Boys With Toys. She has written other online series like The Immortals’ Code, No heart Feelings, Novocaine Knights, To Tame a Virgin and In Pursuit of Kyenpia. She lives in Lagos with her husband and kids and loves the occasional bar lounging with friends. She blogs on www.moskedapages.com or you can follow her on Twitter @NovocainKnights


  1. Phone makers are just thieves… Imagine creating a 3gb ram phone with all the other effizzy powered by a mediocre 3000mAh battery…… The infinix hotnote pro comes with a 4000mAh battery ……. The camera though is just regular 8mp rear with flash and 2mp front camera without flash… You see the issue? Anyway its a marketing strategy… You really had fun on that trip… Flex on aiit.

  2. I just got mine from Jumia. Please, there is no memory card in it. Did it come with memory card. Hope they didn’t remove mine?

  3. hey guys tecno Now has a bbm channel called tecno Nigeria get tips news and app recommendations directly on your bbm pin C004E43D0. Cheers

  4. Wow!…i never thought Tecno could manufacture such a superb smartphone. Thank you Sally for the review, am planning to get one


  6. This is lies from the pit of hell.the lies got confirmed when I saw some of your pictures you claim to have used this phone to take. That battery is whack , this techno guys are just scammers

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